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PanicGuard: An App You Should Install

Ever worry about your safety or your child's safety out in the world, especially if you are a woman? I came across a very interesting Facebook post from a woman named Lisa Allaway who raved about a certain new app I never heard of before called PanicGuard.

"This has to be the best app I've come across if you have kids that go out....Panicguard!! Basically if they're walking alone they activate the app and if something happens shake their phone....it sends me a text to say she's in trouble and an alarm and light starts going mad!!! You then get sent her location and the video on her phone records what's happening which you can also see!!! Unreal" - Lisa Allaway


Posted by Lisa Allaway on Thursday, February 9, 2017

I found this intriguing, so I decided to check out what is PanicGuard all about. I found a great video on their Youtube channel explaining everything. Check it out below.

Apparently if you fall from a height, it will send out an alert. It also will inform you if there's a weather or even a terrorist alert. It seems like it has tons of potential.

If you're worried about your own safety or even your child's safety while you are out and about, especially at night, you should check this neat app out. I know as a woman, I always worry about my own safety while searching for Pokemon. Because of that, I believe I will try this out.

When I looked up the reviews on this app, I found mixed reviews. A lot of people are missing the email to register. But it seems like they probably ended up in their spam folder or things of that sort. But one person said that it was a great panic alert.

With apps like this, there's always kinks to work out which is normal. You should go and try it out today. Safety should always be your first priority.

If you want to try it out, you can download it on the iPhone's App Store or Google Play Store.

PanicGuard: An App You Should Install PanicGuard: An App You Should Install Reviewed by The Fabulous K on Friday, May 19, 2017 Rating: 5

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