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The New Monstrology Changes In Wizard101's Summer Update

It's official. In the new Summer Update, for now only in Test Realm, you can now collect Animus Monsters from Grizzleheim, Wysteria and even Colossus Boulevard! 

But first, let's look at the numbers of how many unique types we now can register in our tomes in each world. There's quite a bit change. Most have increased numbers, however, for Azteca, it's actually a decrease.

Amount of Animus Monsters Available

World - Live Realm - Test Realm
Wizard City: 75 - 83
Krokotopia: 34 *NO CHANGE*
Marleybone: 11 *NO CHANGE*
Mooshu: 15 - 58
Dragonspyre: 84 *NO CHANGE*
Celestia: 20 - 22
Zafaria: 8 - 9
Avalon: 22 -24
Azteca: 42 - 38
Khrysalis: 23 - 32
Polaris: 28 - 30
Mirage: 31 - 36
GH & WT: 20 - 27
Wysteria: 0 *NO CHANGE*
Aquila: 4 - 5
Dungeons: 34 - 99

Say Farewell To Those Animus Monsters

I also want to remind you that Wizard101 have removed quite a few "non-repeatable" bosses and monsters such as Death Incarnate, Ghastly Spectre, Osseus Nightreaver, Eke Chuah, Tolkemec, Crypt Watchguard and Wanadi Black Sky. They have also made the Shadow-Web Haunt and Shadow-Web Wraiths not countable as Undead.

Newcomers To The Monstrology Tome

Even with the above changes, they have added much MORE to the Monstrology Tome if you look at the numbers. Mooshu and the Dungeons has the most jump in numbers regarding Animus Monsters. Dungeons alone has gained 65 unique Animus Monsters! Mooshu gained 43! This just means we will have a long long long journey in collecting all of them.

Where To Buy The New Extract Spells

If you want to know where all three new extract spells, let me show you. Right now, in Test Realm, they aren't even marked on the map and the one in Wysteria is very easy to miss. Just remember the green arrow on the map is where the NPC is located.

The Extract Treant Spell

You can buy the Extract Treant spell for 100k Gold.

The Extract Pig Spell

You can buy the Extract Pig spell for 100k Gold.

The Extract Gobbler Spell

You can buy the Extract Gobbler spell for 100k Gold.

In the next few weeks, I will be getting together a list of what available monsters we can get with the new extract spells. Stay tuned!

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