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Wizard101 Great Detective Bundle

Just released (Oct 6, 2018) and available at Gamestop stores.
Most stores are making this bundle available by e-card in stores.
Update 10/9/18: Now available online at gamestop.com

This bundle comes with:
Hot Air Balloon Ride Housing Item
Gyrocycle Mount
Baskerville Hound Pet
Detective Attire
Sherlock's Eyeglass

See all the gear - Levels 0-120!
Hat, Robe, and Boots

Wands - All Levels


How does it look when this wand casts? Check it out!
 The Hot Air Balloon Ride! Fun!!

Have you seen the message on the rope as the balloon ascends?

Take in the view!!

Barkerville Hound Pet

HUGE thank you to @CarlLewis7133, @BreckenBlue and @Iridian_Willow
for their help with Talents and Derby Stats!

Barkerville Hound's Dance Moves

The Gyrocycle Mount

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