Saturday, September 19, 2020

Wizard101 Mystery Shadow Contest

Wizard101 Mystery Shadow Contest!

Let's continue Wizard101's 12th Birthday Celebration!
Join us in our Mystery Shadow Contest for a chance to win some really cool prizes!

Huge THANK YOU to @Wizard101 and @Mathew Anderson for providing these amazing prizes!

This contest has come to an end, and as promised, below is the Answer Key to all of the Mystery Shadows!
Click on the photos to see it larger.

Scroll down a little further to see the list of winners!

And the winners are ...

Wizard101 Birthday Bundle (3 Winners)
Genevieve Moongarden
Dewdrop Lucero
Morgan Moonstone

Each bundle includes codes for: 30K Crowns, 1 Balloon Mount, 1 Decennial Pet,
and 1 Celestian Spellemental Pack.

Charmer's Mystical Flute (5 Winners)
Al Neuu
Cameron Reich
Kim K.
Rizzuan Ariff

Winners: Prize codes have already been sent out. Please check your emails.

Congratulations to all and huge thanks to everyone who participated!

Scroll down the page to read the rules of this contest

The object of this contest is to correctly guess each shadow.
It could be a mount, or it could be a pet!

Here are 20 Mystery Shadows. Can you guess them all?

Important: Correct spelling and punctuation (if any) is mandatory for this contest. Misspelled words and/or missing punctuation will automatically disqualify your entry, so please triple check your entry before submitting it. Absolutely no exceptions.

One entry per person.
Your first entry is the only entry that will be accepted, so please make sure that you're confident with your answers before sending it in.

Include your social media name (Twitter, Facebook, etc) with your entry.

Email your answers to:
Include "Wiz101 12th Birthday Contest" in the subject line
Number your answers to correspond with each mystery shadow.

Entries must be received by 6PM CST on Sunday September 27, 2020
Answers will be posted on this page at the end of the contest.

Grand Prize:
Wizard101 Birthday Bundle (3 Winners)
Each bundle includes: 30K Crowns, 1 Balloon Mount, 1 Decennial Pet, and 1 Celestian Spellemental Pack.

Anyone who guesses all mystery shadows correctly will have their name entered into the raffle for a Wizard101 Birthday Bundle.

If no one guesses all of them correctly, then those with the highest number of correct entries will be entered into this raffle.

Second Chance Prize:

Charmer's Mystical Flute (5 Winners)

All entries that did not make it into - or win the Bundle raffle - will be entered into a separate raffle to win a Mystical Charmer's Flute.

Winners of the Grand Prize Bundles are not eligible to enter this raffle.

Good luck and Have Fun!

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