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Mystery Puzzle: Can You Figure It Out?


Wizard101 has stated that:

"Over the next few weeks our incredible lineup of official Wizard101 fansites will be releasing individual puzzle pieces. Search all our fansites to find their puzzle pieces and start to put the puzzle together for yourself!

Will it be a new house? a new world? a new adventure? All will be revealed when all the puzzle pieces have been discovered. There are over 60 pieces in total, so watch these sites for new puzzle pieces to be released over the next few weeks!
Visit all of these sites to collect their puzzle pieces and start putting the puzzle together yourself at home!"

Visit those sites to grab their puzzle pieces!


Wizard101 Wiki
Wizard101 Central
Legends of the Spiral
That Pyromancer
Diary of a Wizard
Ditto Wizard
West Karana
Paige's Page
Ravenwood Radio
A Mythspent Youth
Friendly Necromancer
Petnome Project
Valerian's School for Wayward Wizards

Also do not forget to grab the puzzle piece is on the below link. It is part of the puzzle too!

The official Wizard101 informaton is at: https://www.wizard101.com/game/mystery-puzzle

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