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Little Sister: Cody Raventhorn's New Idea for a Dungeon

A Rare encounter with the Utopian Family… From the Unbreakable Utopia!

Meet the Enemies


This is the Girl you meet at the end of the dungeon. Her speech is as follows:
“Daddy? Is that you…Daddy? No. You’re not Daddy! DON’T TOUCH ME! Daddy won’t be happy!”

She will be the only visible enemy as you enter the battle, so the battle will be starting out as Little Sister vs. your full team in the dungeon. Basically a 4v1.

Little Sister has a Grand total of 25,000 Health. She is a Moon school Boss. She will shield, and de-buff only. She has no attack whatsoever. Here is every spell she will have.

She will start with 5 Power Pips on the first turn. No cheat will begin until she is hit/ targeted with any spell. Any spell that touches her will set off her cheats. For example, a wand will set her off, a pierce will set her off, and a scald will set her off. There is no way to get around this cheat, even with using an AOE Attack.

When she is first struck/targeted with a successful spell, she will interrupt the battle right after the spell has completed its course. She will then say:
“I told you not to touch me! HELP! HELP! SOMEBODY HELP ME!”

A Minion will then spawn and run to her side. The name of this monster will be Big Sister…


Big Sister will run to Little Sister’s side in the battle and say this quote:
“Don’t you dare touch her in front of me!”

This monster will spawn once, every time the Little Sister is targeted. A maximum of 3 Big Sisters can be aiding the Little Sister at a time. The Big Sister has 1000 Health and is a Balance school monster.
The round the Big Sister is summoned into the battle, she will immediately cast a Power Nova that will do 1000 Damage, but won’t place a weakness. After that, the Big Sister will use the following attacks, and won’t cheat.

Once 3 Big Sisters are out on the field, and the Little Sister is targeted 1 more time. The following will happen in this order:


2. The Little Sister will then vanish from the battle, and a bigger Boss Called Big Daddy will spawn and take her Place instead.

3. The Big Daddy will start with a full set of 7 Power Pips, and emit a Ra that will Deal out 10,000 damage.

4. The Big Daddy will continue this process every round until all players on the opposing side have died.

5. You will lose the battle at this point


1. Once a Big Sister has spawned, KILL HER right away, then try to target the Little Sister Again.

Imagine this: A Life wizard, a Storm Wizard, a Myth wizard, and a Balance wizard are in the battle. It has started as a 4v1. The 4 Wizards against the one little sister. The Team blades the Storm player a few times, and he is ready to throw a nasty Leviathan at the Little Sister. However she has tower shields and elemental shields protecting her. So a Myth player uses a quick shatter, and breaks away all the shields swirling around her. The Little Sister then Summons one of her Big Sister’s to aid her. It is now a 4v2. The Big Sister throws the Power Nova at them dealing 1000 Damage to them each, so the Life fixes that all up with a quick rebirth.

It is now the next round. There is of course the chance that the Little Sister will try to shield again, So the Myth uses shatter to clear the path for the Levy that the Storm is about to cast. The Shatter sets off the Little Sisters cheat once again, and she summons another Big Sister. This has now become a 4v3.

The Big Sister quickly casts her 1000 Damage Power Nova. It is now the Storm's turn. He casts his Levy, and hits about 17,000 Damage, leaving the Little Sister with 8,000 Health Left. The Little Sister once again brings a Big sister into the fight. Now keep in mind this is now a 4v4 fight. The Big Sister casts her infamous Power Nova, which could possibly knock out the Storm player, but it doesn’t matter because he has already hit. Now the round has ended. 

The Little Sister shields and the Big Sisters throw a judgment here and there. The Life uses a Rebirth and BOOM, the Storm is back to life. Now, In order to hit the Little Sister again, you would have to kill off some of the Big Sisters so that the Little Sister doesn’t have to summon a Big Daddy to take her place in the match.

So let’s say the Myth uses an Orthrus on one of the Big Sisters and kills it. The Balance also uses a Hydra that criticals, and kills yet another Big Sister. It has now dropped back down to a 4v2. The Little Sister with a remaining 8,000 Health, and a Big Sister with her full 1,000. The team begins to blade again, as the Little Sister shields herself some more.

Let’s then say that the Balance throws off an accidental weakness on the Little Sister. She will summon another Big Sister. The Big Sister throws another Power Nova, and is killed the next turn by a Medusa that the Myth uses. The Life uses a Rebirth and gets a lucky critical. The team is now full health. The Storm is now ready to hit with a Storm Lord, So the Myth uses a Shatter on the Little sister. The Big Sister comes out, blah blah blah, Power Nova, You know the drill. It is now the Storm's turn, and he successfully casts his Storm Lord. He criticals, however the Little Sister blocks it. It does 9,000 and the Little Sister falls to the ground. The Lord Kills the 2 Big Sisters that are in the battle as well, and they finish the dungeon with Success!


The Little Sister will lie on the ground and hop back up onto her bare feet. She looks much cleaner and pure now.

Her eyes no longer have a yellow, green glow. She says in a very kind, soft, quiet voice:

“Thank you… Morganthe, she’s trapped me here, along with many other sisters. We didn’t choose to be like this… we were lured here… she told us… there would be no more pain. No more… sacrifice… everything would be perfect… I thank you kind wizard *The Girl does a curtsy and bows* I’ve been stuck in this dungeon for years. I have been asleep, with all the other Little sisters here… I must run and awaken them from this madness that Morganthe has placed upon us.”

The girl runs to a small hole in the wall just big enough for her to slip through. She jumps and grabs ahold of the opening, and climbs in. She turns her head just as she moves through the hole, and says softly “Thanks Again..” and crawls into the darkness of the hole.


If this big guy joins the party… You might as well flee…

This is the final battle to the unbreakable Utopian Society dungeon. There are many battles that lead to this battle. But I will explain those in a further letter. Hehe!

-Cody R.

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