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Locked Gates In Wysteria

I was in the mood for some Wysteria air,
so I opened the door to the beautiful and simple world of Wysteria.
Once I step through the door, there was Mrs. Dowager smiling at me with a cheerful welcome of Hello!

"Hi, Mrs. Dowager! Haven't seen you in a while? Why, thank you!
You're lovely too! I'll see you in a bit okay? Have a great day!"

Then I went skipping down the street to my left,
so I could walk pass the Wysteria stores which girls do like to do.
I walk pass the school of Ember, then down this cute cozy domed hall down to the lower level.

Zeke and Eloise was chatting and when I caught their eye, they beamed joyfully and grabbed me into a hug. And we talked a bit about the weather which is NEVER rainy.

"HEY ZEKE! How are you Eloise?! Yes it's such a pretty day! It's always so beautiful here."

The sunlight keeps winking at me off a pillar which was distracting me.
So I squint and look to my left to see where it was coming from.
Then I suddenly notice something very strange and I remarked this to Zeke and Eloise.

"Hmm, what is a locked gate doing here? Especially here?"

They had no idea, so they couldn't answer my question.
After chatting with them, I decide to say good bye and resume walking down the street.

I was mesmerized by the pretty flags as I slowly skipped down the street.
I was day dreaming about the day when they would stock new items and pets.
Then I suddenly notice another gate, I run up to the gate and say,

I try to figure out why those locked gates are here. Then I think suddenly, wait a minute, will they open in not so far off distant future?
As I step back, watching the eerily lonely gates, and I start to wonder carefully about this strange turn of events. There was rumors about a world named Avalon that was being spoken by the pig students in shady corners. Could be this true? Could one of those gates lead to Avalon? All I know is when I sleep tonight in my wizardly bed, I will wonder what will happen tomorrow and what lies beyond those locked gates.
I tremble with giddiness and fear. Oh locked gate, I so wish you could tell me your secrets.
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