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No Auction Pet Snacks

I have been noticing that snacks from the Raven and Kirin Hoard packs
Even the Rank 3s, 4s and so on. This made me upset because
I really did not want to keep those snacks
and keep my snack section clutter free.
I also love selling snacks for gold.
But you can't sell them anywhere
and the ONLY way to get rid of them is by feeding your pet with them. :(
I sure hope they fix this and allow us to at least sell them to a Pet Snack vendor.

For now, just feed them to a pet. Or just save them for a rainy day.
Just be warned when you buy those packs,
there's a chance that you will be getting those non-auction snacks.

I have listed all non-auction snacks below,
so you will know what kind you will get.

However, I revamped a huge list of Rank 5-9 Snacks
with information on where they are dropped, crafted or bought.
So now the personal stats of each non-auction snack is included there as well.


Bunch of Figs - Rank 4 - is No Auction.


There might be more snacks I've overlooked.
If so, please let me know.

Rank 4's
Salmon Joy
Black Sun Seeds
Lemon Daisy
Bunch of Figs
Beetle Cream Soda
Cranberry Frog
Hard Boiled Beetle Egg
Sweet Mango

Rank 5's
Fire Passion Fruit
Mooshu Cheddar

Rank 7's
Lime Peel Rickey
Fuzzy Peach Fizz
Simple Sugar Pop
Pollen Bombs
Jade Palace Tempura
Mooshu Tofu
Sweet and Sour Chow
Hot Ginger Snaps
Hot and Sour Bits

Rank 8's
Bad Honeyed Dates
Sunflower Hearts
Kapow Pug Poppers
Zen Poppers
Fido's Fortune Puffs
Basil Poodle Noodles
Frozen Snails
Fruit and Nut Bar
Pickled Garlic Grub

-Kelsey Fireheart
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