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Undiscovered Pets 2.0

Upon reviewing an old blog entry that I made about Undiscovered Pets,
I thought to make an update on it.

If you forgot what I said in that old blog entry - go to:

Here was a list of what I thought we should work on:

(white) Ghost (Use any colored Ghost with Pale Maiden? or Ghost Hound? or Ice pet?)
Fire Elf (Use a Yellow Fire Elf with a Fire? pet)
Armored Skeleton (Use a Skeletal Warrior with a Death?? pet) *DISCOVERED
Gobbler (orange/yellow)??? (Red Gobbler with a Fire or Balance pet?)
(balance) Scarab (Life Scarab with a Balance pet) *DISCOVERED
(myth) Cyclops (Blue Cyclops with a Myth pet)
Ice Beetle (Storm Beetle with a Ice pet) *DISCOVERED
Ice Bat (Any Bat with a Ice Pet) *DISCOVERED
Fine Wood Golem (Wood Golem with Balance?? pet) *DISCOVERED
Storm Bird (Fire or Ice Bird with a Storm pet)  *DISCOVERED
Steel Golem (Clockwork Golem with Spider Golem? or Fire/Storm pet)

I have marked what has been released which reduces the list of pets we should work on.
But I realized that there's no Balance Bat which should be added to the list.
I'm starting to wonder about the birds since there's Ice, Fire, Storm. We also have Death (Dark Crow).
So that makes me think that there should be Myth, Balance, Life birds.
Since there's now blue, yellow, red and green ghosts.. I'm starting to wonder if there's orange and purple
in addition to the white one that was a promo pet.
I am still trying to think what other pets we should keep an eye on.
Oh Treants.. There's Life, Death, Myth, Fire. But what about Storm, Ice, Balance?
I am also wondering about the hounds.. There was a Death Hound, Ice Hound, Fire Hound - all with ONE head.. I do not know if the Orthrus mixes counts as Hounds.. But what about Balance, Myth, Storm, and Life?
As for the Beetles; we have Fire, Ice, Storm.. I'm wondering if there's even Myth, Balance, Death, Life Beetles? Remember, Beetles have spiky shells.
Scarabs (with smooth shells), we have Life, Death, but no Myth or Balance.
Gosh the list goes on and on!
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