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Wizard101 UK; March 18, 2012 Update

They are having a special crown sale today on March 18th from 4-8pm UK Time where you can get 20% more crowns when you are purchasing them. That's 11am EST. And much earlier for midwest, mountain and west coast.

In other news.. there's FOUR new furniture items never seen in Wizard101 USA. Take a look!





-Kelsey Fireheart
Wizard101 UK; March 18, 2012 Update Wizard101 UK; March 18, 2012 Update Reviewed by The Fabulous K on Sunday, March 18, 2012 Rating: 5


  1. Wow I wish I could have some of those..

  2. O:!!! I want the Well of Stairs D;

  3. Yes, we have these rare housing items in our shop to celebrate the spring festival!!

  4. Yes I sure do hope the furniture items from W101 UK will be brought to W101 US soon! They're just awesome! I'm just sad that the wand stand is not equippable :(


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