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Wizard101 Universal Game Card

I was talking to my friends about playing Wizard101 UK. And they mentioned that they had a hard time with the payment system there since they are really from USA. So we were talking about game cards not being able to work in UK if they are US Wizard101 Game Cards. They also had problems with their debit card because they had to call their own bank to verify every purchase they made. They couldn't buy from their own phones and sometimes it wouldn't go through on Gameforce. They stated that it was just too much hassle which deterred them from even playing Wizzy UK.

Then I thought of a possible simple solution. Wizard101 should create a special game card - Wizard101 Universal Game Card. You can buy this card in ANY country and redeem it in ANY country. No barriers at all. I actually think they should have three kinds - Mega $60, Super $40 and Big $20. $60 for 50k crowns, $40 for 30k crowns, $20 for 15k crowns. This would be great for those who rather pay for crowns with cash, not with their debit card even in our own country! This would give a lot of people with MORE freedom to do whatever they want on Wizzy.

Hope this comes to fruition.
-Kelsey Fireheart
Wizard101 Universal Game Card Wizard101 Universal Game Card Reviewed by The Fabulous K on Friday, March 02, 2012 Rating: 5

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  1. don't have to be cash only but can use credit card, maybe? think like you buy gift card for friends like that with credit card to pay. Yes, i agreed with you that we really need Huge gift card for any games or any where.


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