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Avalon & Mystery Puzzle: My Own Thoughts On It

I strongly believe that the mystery puzzle is all about the side world, Avalon. It will have knights and probably a similar story to the King Arthur and the round table. I don't think that it will have a level cap since Zafaria was just released. But I wonder if it will be an offshoot of the Wysteria storyline or it will be its own world. It would make sense if it was connected to Wysteria since Wysteria is already too small and needs to be expanded. We shall see.

But it also looks amazing even uncompleted with interesting characters! I wonder if the human boy is the Knight's assistant and if the red goblin is a blacksmith. If the red goblin is indeed a blacksmith, I hope that means there's going to be awesome gear and furniture to craft. Maybe a house? There's also a beautiful dragon in it, totally different style than the fire dragons we are used to. I wonder how he figures in the story of the Knights and possibly King Arthur.

There's two otters in this picture: a grey one with a weapon. You better not mess with him!! And also a brown one with a lute in an amazing cute green musician outfit. I can imagine him walking around in the city just strumming. That's an awesome image.

There's a green skinned male that looks like a witch. I wonder if he's like Merlin, a magician or something like that. And next to him is a strange character that's huge and pink with head horns and tusks. He also has pretty sharp and huge teeth. I wonder what kind of animal or char he is! There is a fox character that is being surrounded by those boys. I'm shocked that he isn't scared by them.

There's a huge pink guy who seems very muscular and he seems so tough! You can't mess with this character. He's very imposing and scary looking. If he's going to train us to learn new fighting spells, oh boy.. We're in for a lot of hard work!

There's also a tree character. I wonder if he's one of Bartleby's family members. If so, there's a GREAT story behind that, I am curious to know if we'll be in search for Bartleby's other eye that is supposed to be missing. And reunite Bartleby with his family members. Nearby there's a Lizard looking character and there's no puzzle piece for its head yet. But I wonder if there'll be a swamp, a pond or underwater area somewhere in this side world.

In the middle of everyone, there's Gamma sitting there. I wonder what he's doing there. It makes me so curious to know what's going on! Well, is he REALLY Gamma or one of Gamma's family members? I wonder what he will tell us.

If you notice the stones behind them, they remind me so much of Stonehedge. The stones were stacked in an similar manner. I love the way they added the green to it and there's another gnome sitting there on the top of it. I wonder how he got up there?! It makes it even more prettier. Nearby there's a flying character, but we can't see what it is yet. Further in the back, notice a turret? I bet there's a castle there waiting for us to run around in!

Avalon & Mystery Puzzle: My Own Thoughts On It Avalon & Mystery Puzzle: My Own Thoughts On It Reviewed by The Fabulous K on Wednesday, April 04, 2012 Rating: 5

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