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The New World of Avalon!

Our test servers this week will be full of wizards who will be scrambling to see what this new world holds! There'll be six new zones with 15 new areas to explore. Our level cap will be raised to 80 and we will get 4 Utility spells per school. Yes you heard it right!

"One of the new Storm school spells, instead, gives you a good chance of healing a huge amount of damage, but if you blow it, it causes damage instead." -Wired.com

Ooh, that sounds like our spells will be more challenging than ever! We will have to think more on our feet. This is going to be epic! I wonder how this will change PvP once again. It will be very interesting that's for sure!

And of course, with the new world, we will get new equipment, pets and mounts. We will be soaring on a Owl or riding a beautiful Stag in our new Stag Helmet and staff as a proud Wizard crossing Avalon.

But we also get new Level 78 Pet Quests for our new School Pets! I wonder who will be our new partners? I wonder if they will be our Level 70 Spells, like a mini Efreet pet? Snow Angel? And I wonder if they will give Hybrids and what they will look like?

And our gardening rank will be raised to 15 with new gardening plants and spells! I sure hope they will drop amazing reagents and treasure cards for us! I can't imagine what new plants they have in store for us.

Reminds me so much like my MFP but a lot more cooler!!

Hey Gamma!!

Ohh, nice mount! :O

Omg, I wanna this Owl mount already!!

Nice melon guitar. Strum away!

Ooh, he scares me! I wonder who he is?

Oh more goblins. Gosh those hammers look wicked!

Ooh fairies!! I love them. Ohh, nice gear! I can't wear to wear them!

Wired says "it's a hut they saw while strolling around in Avalon" but I hope it ends up to be a house we can buy. It looks awesome!

Hello King Bear! I can't wait to enter your Kingdom and see what awaits us!

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