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Pirate101 Articles Released!

This article has unreleased, exclusive Pirate101 Beta pictures that you should take a look at!

A few highlights:

"Well, after trying out new kids on the block Pirate101, I can say that it might even dwarf the success of its predecessor."

"KingsIsle can count Pirate101 as a huge step forward. One that will make a lot of money, I'm sure."

"I don't want to suggest there is nothing unique about Pirate101 or that I would prefer all second games to feel exactly like first games, but some follow-up titles feel like copies of earlier designs while others feel like a familiar extension to a universe. Pirate101 easily falls into the latter category."

"Pirate101 has taken that card-based combat and tossed it on its head. In Pirates101, you find yourself in control of a group of NPC characters who combat enemies on a sort of checkerboard. It's a system that is very easy to understand, much like Wizard101's card system, but it's also easy to become obsessed with."

"Overall, Pirate101 feels both welcoming and completely alien. The new combat will provide tons and tons of fresh gameplay. If linear questing with a strong story backbone is your thing, you'll surely find plenty to do as well."


A few highlights:

There is a lot to like in Pirate 101 and a lot that will be familiar to players who’ve tried Wizard 101. But that’s not a prerequisite by any stretch. Pirate 101 stands very well on its own and will give players of all ages a lot to do.

"The music fits the setting too. It’s big and epic and nautical, if that makes sense. Think “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies and you get the general idea. But what makes it even more interesting is that you definitely hear shades of the Wizard 101 music embedded in the Pirate 101 music as well. For players who’ve experienced W101, it’s fun to hear."

Last week the following fansite owners have created their own unique and exclusive Pirate101 Beta articles. Don't worry, mine is coming along very shortly! :D

Combat Preview by Jester: http://pirate101.centralforums.com/

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