Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Featured House Spotlight: Cody Raventhorn

Cody Raventhorn has set up an amazing design at his Island Getaway house.
He made planks leading to an sandy island out on the ocean. If you fall off the planks,
you fall under the ocean having to start all over.
All along, you'll see signs which will taunt you with funny sayings.
Once you arrive, you will be walking around on an sandy island
outfitted with a shark hut and a bonfire.
And in the back, he build this rock cliff wall and put fishy fountains on top
which he covered up with more rocks creating a waterfall.
And on the bottom there's a little water puddle that the waterfall "created"
and if you step in into it, you will find yourself knee deep in water.
He also put down the giant trees in the ocean to create an cozy, jungle feel
to the island.

This was just an stunning piece of house design!
You did amazing work, Cody!

Gosh, that sign is scaring me. :(



I fell off on purpose to show you what underneath looks like. Hey, there's Cody!

 View from the island

That water splash was from the ocean bursting water through the sand lol

It's hard to see but faintly you can see the water falling down from the fish fountains.

Yep I'm in the puddle LOL. Now this is the real end zone. ;)


  1. Coco!!! I don't think I have seen this house of his. I'll have to check up with him and catch up. You me and Coco have to hang out sometime and catch up in game :) Amazing post overall.

  2. are you still able to do this? i have tried numerous times and failed getting the planks to go together, same with the rug glitch...cant get them to go out and cant walk on them

  3. Really? Let me ask Cody Raventhorn about this then.


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