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Stormgates; The Doors of Pirate101

As everyone knows, the way to travel between worlds is by using stormgates. Well if you didn't know this, now you  know! It's an magical place where you feel like you are Peter Pan flying in between the worlds. In fact, this is exactly what I told my Pirate101 friends. I was screaming, "OH MY GOD, I'M PETER PAN! This is so COOL!" Honestly the pictures don't even do it justice. It's even better when you see it with your own eyes. It's just a stunning piece of work that blew me away to the point where I was speechless. Well, I only could say those two lines. Then I kept repeating it... Yes I was that awestruck!

Picture of Monquista Skyway

The World of Monsquista

Monsquista might seem plain, but not really! Hidden in places, there are beautiful buildings
that you just can't believe your eyes that you're actually looking at them. They're so streamlined and designed with a beautiful flair of class. The crazy monkeys' personalities although will make you eager to be back out sailing on the skyways though. After all they think humans are hairless and beneath them. :O

Along the storyline, you will have to collect windstones for each world's stormgate. Each one is unique and will unlock each stormgate as you progress in the game.

Picture of the Windstone page

First, you have to travel to a whirlpool which is a stormgate's entry point. Once you arrive, it will ask you if you want to travel the skyway to whatever place you want to go to.

Picture of Stormgate asking you if you want to Enter

Suddenly you are transported to this beautiful ethereal starry place with purple trees below. You can stay on the skyways or venture out to fight the monsters that do lurk around. You can see the world that you are travelling to in the far distance which is shining and waiting for you to arrive. And if you watch carefully, you can see miniature worlds floating around as you sail on along in between the stars. While travelling, you feel so calm and mesmerized by the gentle motion of the ship moving along the skyways. Suddenly you didn't care about rushing.. You just wanted to take in the view and let it lull you into this serene and peaceful feeling, giving you energy for the next leg of the journey.



Valencia is on right, but what is that on the left? :O

Could that be Grizzleheim?

Stormgate to Dragonspyre. I think that's the world of Avalon far away.

Picture of Dragonspyre Stormgate - Notice the Krok and Wizard City Worlds?

Notice the dragon in the background? WOW. We cannot go there, its blocked off to us
because remember Pirates and Wizards do not mix.

Stormgate to Monsquista

Dragonspyre is a very explosive, fractured place like the world was blown apart and then put back together.
Lightning strikes in the background and floating rocks float in a limbo state. You suddenly know this is a very bad place to be, so you tread carefully. But once you arrive, you are NOT on the skyway, so already you have to be careful not to be pulled by the Bone Drakes who would gladly devour you in a heartbeat.. Well, they technically have no hearts. But you know what I mean ;) Beware those Bone Drakes, they have extremely high health! You might say that's nothing, but in Pirate101, that's like dealing with Malistaire who used to have 100,000 health.

This stormgate has no Dragonspyre world or any other kind of world since it has been destroyed and not much remains. The only time you use this stormgate is when you want to get to Valencia which is much more further away from the rest of the worlds.
It's an arduous and long journey filled with peril and danger. You wonder what could've been so strong to break apart a world. That actually sends a shiver down your spine when you try to think about who or what have done this. And you quickly urge your boat to sail faster towards the Valencia stormgate. The faster, the better.

Picture of Valencia Skyway - Hey is that Marleybone?

Once you arrive, you gape at the sight. What? There's trees?! Some Stormgates have a world below that is differently colored. The lush treetops that makes you feel like you're flying so low, almost at treetop levels like Superman. Well, Superman on a boat!
In the distance, you can see beautiful mini worlds floating around waiting to be unlocked and explored.
You wonder what is out there for the Spiral is endless!
All of those questions about Polaris and Darkmoor that is mentioned in the storyline we all have heard about.

Stormgate to Dragonspyre


Valencia is a stormy place with beautiful colorful skyways that breaks up
the sadness and tension you could feel in the air. Once you arrive, you know that
you're in for something big and you trend carefully through the tough ships that are eager to take you out.
You suddenly know why the Unicorns needed your help in this sad and beautiful place.

Picture of Cool Ranch Stormgate - I think I see Polaris in the far right?

Cool Ranch is just stunning beautiful with desert red cliffs and beautiful skies.
You will sail under arches and through narrow pathways. While sailing, you can find cool hideaways, especially one with train tracks! It's very peaceful and slow paced here.
But the monsters aren't so easy. But the colorful characters here are just as colorful
as the world of Cool Ranch. They'll make you smile, laugh and shake your head.
The easter eggs here are amazing!

After a long journey and a lot of battles along the way in Cool Ranch, you are at last ready for MooShu!

Picture of MooShu Stormgate - Yep Mooshu is a turtle. Hehe.

 Yep we are in MooShu! ;)

Wow when I arrived, I was awestruck. This world was just stunningly beautiful. There's no words to say really. I could sit here for hours and stare. Pirate101 has outdone themselves!
I can watch Kirins run around near the skyways or golden Koi swim around.
No, don't think that they are easy. They're super tough!
I'm so eager to explore and see what's out there.

Now here's a little sneak peek.. 
YES, there's a stormgate to Marleybone! And no it isn't open yet.
I am betting that this stormgate will be open once Pirate101 hits live. Can't wait!
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  1. This looks so cool, really want the game :)

  2. The Stormgate to Marleybone must be in the Pollywogger Skyway in Skull Island so the next world could be Marleybone but Pollywogger Skyway is after Mooshu.


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