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The Chat Filter in Wizard101

Here's a few notes about the Chat Filter from Wizard101

"A few things to note about the chatting in Wizard101: 
  1. You can't change your date of birth. If you entered an incorrect date of birth when you first registered, we're sorry for the inconvenience. It's a non-editable (nor is it edible) field.
  2. Filtered chat - you must have made a purchase with a valid CREDIT CARD to move an account from menu chat to filtered chat (yes, it's Federal law (COPPA to be exact) and no, we're not going to mess with the Feds just because you accidentally put in the wrong date of birth (see #1)).
  3. Open chat requires having an account over the age of 18 years old. Period. No exceptions and no miracle aging cures allowed!
  4. Having Open chat does NOT allow you to see the ". . ." of misspelled words being said by a Filtered chatter - it's not the Rosetta Stone of chat options.
  5. Typing around the chat filters &/or having Open chat does NOT excuse you from the Terms of Use. There's no "First Amendment" in the Spiral. You don't have the right to be harassing, rude, crude or an otherwise uncouth louse. Having type chat is a privilege, not a right. As a mature player capable of handling the responsibility, we presume you already know that.
If you still have questions, please review the Knowledge Base articles specific to each chat level."
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