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Walmart's Pirate101 Game Cards & More

Today, I was told by my friend, Edward aka TheSpiralPirate, that he was able to pick up a Pirate101 $29 Admiral Bundle. He also said that he did not see the $10 and $20 P101 Game Cards. I was puzzled until he showed the following links. It is not yet released on Pirate101.com or anywhere else, but on Walmart's site, they have shown that they have the following game cards. Hopefully your Walmart stores have them in stock! So happy shopping pirates!

If you need to buy a Wizard101 card, Target sells Wizard101 $20 Game Cards online!

Walmart's Pirate101 Game Cards & More Walmart's Pirate101 Game Cards & More Reviewed by The Fabulous K on Tuesday, October 16, 2012 Rating: 5

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