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Wizard101 Test Realm - Food Fight & New Spells


I think my Scaryadactyl mount really wants to gobble that pig up. #BACONTIME!
"Yes, come into my mouth, just jump in there, don't worry.."

This is how it looks when my mount isn't drooling over it.

Four options to pick from when playing the Food Fight game.


Unfortunately the pie was clever enough to be in a place we all cannot access.
The day has come when food became smarter than us. *bows head*

Grady of Dun Dura

Hello Grady! What do you have that's new in store for us?

Yep New TCS!

Cool down Time - 018:20:00

Yep Turquoise!

Here's the close ups of each recipe:

I think that the crafting rank is Legendary same as other crafted cards from this vendor.
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