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Pirate101 Worlds In The Stormgates

As we sail along through the Stormgates, we get to see distant worlds
that we already have been to, where we have not been or not even aware of.
Look at the following pictures as examples.
Click on any picture below to enlarge it.

Here you can see Wizard City, Krokotopia and Dragonspyre.

Monquista is the big one, Valencia is above it and Dragonspyre to the right.

Avalon is above Dragonspyre.

 Marleybone on left, Valencia in the middle, the smallest is Skull Island then the turtle is Mooshu

Cool Ranch with Polaris above it

In the very distant, there is a world with a scary dark house which looks like a concept art picture that J. Todd Coleman provided. Everyone thinks this is Darkmoor since it's supposed to be a dark, scary place.

Wysteria and Polaris
Polaris is a world we heard of, but never been to. It's full of Polar Bears and Penguins.

Grizzleheim? & Unknown

People seem to think that the left picture is Grizzleheim, do you agree?
But which world stands for the Lighthouse one? What's your best guess?
Aguila? Empryrea? Orryx? Yago? Mirage? Nodor?
And also, what new world do you want to see as a sneak peek the most?
Post your answers in the comments below!
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  1. Very interesting theories... I didn't notice some of those worlds before. Let's hope we get to explore them soon!

    Which world do I want to see most? Well the lighthouse looks very mysterious... but surely Darkmoor looks like somewhere Morganthe from Wizard101 might like to reside. Maybe we will see that world next... Who knows!

  2. I agree, it will be interesting to see where she comes from. The world of spiders, *shudders*, I better bring a bug spray bottle! DOZENS OF THEM!


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