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The Magical Land of Ellivara #2: Weapons & Spells of Ellivara

Weapons & Spells of Ellivara

Each school will have a trainer in addition to a special old wise dragon sage trainer that can give a general blessing.

If you are an elfling, you will start with basic weapons, but then as you level up, you will learn how to upgrade your bow. But you will need special wood, metal and string. So you have to travel to other lands and collect them. However you will have to do favors and do quests from those vendors who have your ingredients, so you have to complete them in order to receive the ingredients. And some ingredients you will have to mine, dig and search for that the vendors will need. For instance you will need an mining pick if you need to mine for a certain ingredients. You will have to purchase one. There will be different picks, some stronger or durable than others, but more expensive. It's all your choice to how fast or cheap you want to be. Then once you complete the quests and got your ingredients, you finally can learn how to craft your new weapon. You will play a mini game that will make you craft it by hand. You have to whittle the wood properly, string it just right, etc etc. Be careful, if you make a mistake, you have to redo it. Once done properly, you have a brand new bow!

There will be very rare special ingredients you will stumble across as you travel that appears at random times, random places that you can use for your spells or weapons.

You will have options of what to train as you level up, you can choose new weapon, upgrade weapon, new attack move, new armor, upgrade armor. So it'll always be your choice what you would like to do. But every time you are presented with new options, it will come with new level requirements.

Same goes for spells. You have to be careful of how much of each ingredient you put in the cauldron to create your new magical spell and in the proper order. If it smells, looks and tastes right, you have done it!

The wise old dragon gives special general blessing that gives you more health, attack power, agility, etc that will be unlocked as you level up. She will make sure you are in tip top shape before you travel to other lands. She also can help you open doorways to distant lands where you can do quests for the main storyline to figure out why the land of Ellivara is dying and how to restore it back to full health.
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