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It's Planting Season!

Well today, me and the dear mother of mine drove to Home Depot because frankly.. It's Spring Time and that means that it's Planting Season! To sum up our trip, I had to carry huge bags of mulch cos I'm the one with muscles. And once we fixed up our gardens, I had a sudden thought. I know we have a lot of plants in Pirate101 and Wizard101. But what other plants would you like to see in them? 
It would be nice to see them both as a furniture and seeding plant.

My suggestions: 

Rose Bushes. I'd love to make an English Rose Garden of sorts.


South African Fynbos

Giant Sunflower
They are usually very very tall, taller than you and are bigger than your head.
Sometimes twice as large or more!


Tropical Pincushion


Bleeding Heart Flower

So what plants would YOU like to see in Wizard101 and Pirate101? Post your ideas in the comments below!

I do not own any images above. They are owned by other people.

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