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Kelsey's Artwork for the Week!

So... I have created three artworks in practically a day or two. I'm so excited to show you all. I'm incredibly picky. So I only like to show the perfect ones or at least ones I think are perfect. I hope you all enjoy them as much as I did drawing them. I also just received my new Wacom Bamboo drawing tablet. Normally I use the mouse, but sometimes if I do too much, it kills my shoulder. Am hoping that this tablet will help. So far I'm getting the hang of it! I can't wait to see what other artworks I will come up using it. Right now I'm doing a mix of mouse and tablet. Old habits dies hard.

I have a great idea that I'm going to work on for next week. So keep tuned. For now, enjoy the following artwork I have created this week.

Tada, can you guess who I am?

Made this for Timmy who loves giraffes. Loved it so much. Had to show y'all!

Out of the shadows, me will pounce on you.
Me be slealthy ninja! Judo Chop!
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