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Official Pirate101 New Content Teaser Pictures Released

Remember all of those pesky puzzle pieces? Well here they are in one piece straight from Pirate101! What are you thoughts on them? What worlds do you think they are suggesting? I think they are Marleybone and Aquila. But do you think I'm right or wrong? Only time will tell!

This world has a pirate ship at moor with NO sails.. What a mystery. Also what's up with those metal rods? Paige Moonshade stated that it did remind her of the London Ferris Wheels. Is that possible? What an interesting thought. I thought that it was just bones of a blimp. :( I really would love a blimp ship, blimp car, blimp anything. Remember the balloons we would see in Wizard101's Marleybone? Those I want. I also hope we can climb that tower and be able to look out on the entire town.

Those Aquila ships.. I love the way they look so elegant. Can you see the minotaur statue in the city? I hope there's a huge labyrinth somewhere that we have to fight a huge Minotaur like we fought Stormzilla in Pirate101's Mooshu. Nicholas Lionrider stated that he hoped for a colosseum with a lion gladiator named Leonitus since Leo is lion in latin. And that it would be cool if we had a dungeon in the colosseum that would releases bosses one a time in waves, so we gotta fight them all one by one or in waves. We also talked that Aquila could be like Zafaria, Grizzleheim and can be connected quite easily just because you can put lions and bears in a stadium. Back in the old Roman times, they would use lions and bears literally to pit against men in the colosseum. I thought of Caesar and the storyline about him being included in Pirate101. It's full of intrigue and a backstabbing twist to the story. Something we wouldn't expect. Interesting ideas! What about you? What are your ideas? Post comments below.

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