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Rooke: The Next Chess Piece - On To Marleybone?

So.. there's stormgates that are marked, but unaccessible... yet.
The Marleybone stormgate is in Hamamitsu Garden, Mooshu and
Aquila stormgate is in Tierra Primata, Monquista.
There's also two Valencia stormgates, one in Port Regal, Skull Island
and Hamamitsu Garden, Mooshu.

From Left to Right:
Rooke, ?, Kane, Deacon, Bishop, Phule

So Rooke has got the map piece and needs it to be translated, so he's going to Marleybone. It's logical to think it's probably Marleybone, we'll go to next as well as possibly Aquila. Especially when they both have the same color windstone.

Now when I think of Marleybone, I think about Mooshu and how Pirate101 has made their own Mooshu very different from Wizard101. It makes me feel incredibly excited. There're so many possibilities.

One; I would love to see Marleybone in the daytime. I want to see the sun rise on this world. I found paintings in-game that looks similar to actual real life buildings that you can find in England.

Royal Botanical Garden

Picture from The Governor's Mansion in Port Regal


Picture From The Governor's Mansion in Port Regal

What if this was an actual Marleybone house we could get in-game?

Two; Can you imagine the companions we could get?! Hooded rat companions, female cat pirates, even those cute female companions with purses and parasol umbrellas. They could use their purses and parasol umbrellas to bash the enemy with. Clockwork spiders and Potbelly, but a lot more polished up and cleaner. I would love a Crusher type of companion. Big, strong, burly and he is over protective over his milk..

Found him in Fort Elena Prison. I'd love him as a companion.

So love those wigs..

I know this is in Flotsam, but I can imagine those rats everywhere in Marleybone. Therefore, why not have one as a companion?

Also how about those Redcoats? I'd love one as a companion.

Three; At this point, I'm drooling over the thought of having an hot air balloon ship...

Four; Do you remember Wizard101's Feedback Friday a long while ago about what area you'd like to see. One of the answers was inside of the Barkingham Palace. So I am hoping in Pirate101 we will be able to access that.

The Buckingham Palace in England

Five; Can you imagine the buildings we could see?!

From the Governor's Mansion in Port Regal. Is this a clue of how the world will look like in general?

Leeds Castle

Royal Albert Hall

Smithsonian Scotland

Harewood House

Five; Can you imagine the furniture? Here are examples from the Governor's Mansion in Port Regal.

I guess I'll just keep dreaming until the world actually arrives..

(The IRL pictures and paintings are not mine, they're owned by other people)
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