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Test Realm is now Live PLUS Surprises!

Yes there's a brand new Red Barn Farm House! 
It's for 12,500 Crowns OR 125,000 Gold!

You can place mounts and pets in the barn if you wish. There's three fields you can use as gardens.
Possibilities are UNLIMITED! Just be careful of tornadoes here!

Three rooms upstairs, three big rooms on ground floor, and a downstairs basement and cellar.
This house is very very roomy! You can do anything in here!
Remember its still 250 with max of 50 pets inside and outside.

Nice view from the Silo!


Also there's new Furniture Sets. In another post, I already showed you the Azteca.
But not Avalon which is new! It's for 4,500 Crowns or 22,500 Gold per Pack. This is not the kind that gives you random furniture but gives you a set of furniture guaranteed.

The Avalon Furniture Set

Avalon Towel Rack, Bathtub and Sink.

Bed and Side Table

Dining Table, Four Chairs, Fireplace, Cupboards and Sink

Bookshelf, Living Room Table, Couch, Rug and Chair

The Reshuffle Card is now 1x only. So be careful!

Tower Music Box is now in Crown Ship for 2,000 Gold!

For more information on what else is available in Live:

All Images Were Taken By Kelsey Fireheart
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