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My Journey To Aquila - The Stuff of Myths And Satyrs

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*Warning, Spoilers*

"Snapshots again? Really, Cap'n?" Ratbeard says.

"Hey, it's for posterity. I gotta show people where I've gone and what we've done," I reply.

El Toro laughs, "Yes, we are the famed crew who have conquered enemies where others couldn't!"

Bonnie Anne just shakes her head at us and sniffs the fresh breeze with a small smile on her face.

"This time, I'll be short. Just pictures and simple things. The story they can find out for themselves when they arrive here," I say.

"WOW, what a nice library!" I remark.

"Wait, Harold? No, you're Harold's cousin, aren't you?" I ask him.
He just grins and nods.

The bottom picture above is The Temple of the Gods. Hera, Zeuz, Athena, etc etc.

We sail to an island with Sirens and we quickly put wax in our ears to prevent their siren song from affecting us...

Sighs, I think I should really teach my crew sign language.. Especially Ratbeard!


We now have arrived! CHARRRRRRRGE!

Yay we have conquered the Labyrinth!

"CALM DOWN, EVERYONE!" I shout and everyone falls silent.

We walk up to a cave, we have a sneaking suspicion this is not a safe place..
Especially when we see petrified statues of others who tried to go in..


Old Scratch speaks up very quietly, "Cap'n.. I do not like the feeling I get. This be place of evil."

El Toro suddenly pipes up, "I sense we are getting close to the end of our journey!"

Ithaca, the hidden city.

Bonnie Anne gapes at the tablet, "Ooh you mean we can use this to translate the markings on the Mechanical Birds?!" Grace nods eagerly.

Bonnie Anne growls, "Not Meowarity?!"
Ratbeard sighs, "This is not good!"
"What are you all afraid of?! We are better than him! Let's go!" El Toro shouts.

"Now back to Mycroft and see what he says," Bonnie Anne says.
Grace Conrad grins widely, "YES! I'm so excited about this! I never expected to see something amazing like this!"

"YES" we all shout with glee!
Avery laughs, "That's great! Now you guys got to sit tight again and let me find out another way to sneak into Valencia. Go to the tavern and take a well deserved break!"
"HUZZAH!" we all cheer.
Ratbeard sighs, "Finally! I can finish a whole mug of yum this time.."
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  1. Can't wait to get there. I'm only halfway through book 3.


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