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Aquila Has Arrived Into Wizard101!

Yes, a piece of Aquila has come to Wizard101!

To start your brand new quests to get there, talk to Cyrus Drake, the Myth school teacher.. In fact, once you complete each dungeon, you have to return to Cyrus to get another quest to unlock the next dungeon until you complete all three. Hope you don't get sick of running to Cyclops Lane LOL!


Let's Rock & Roll

Mt. Olympus is for Level 30+ and it ends with the final god; Zeus.

There's also a side boss in this dungeon that drops a cute Shield and Sword pet.

The Pedigree on this pet is WRONG. 
The pet page below is correct.


Atlantea is for Level 70+ and it ends with the final god: Poseidon.

In Atlantea, there is a Secret Boss in a side chamber named Sand Squid Tentacle that drops the Harpy Pet!


The third and final dungeon is for Level 90+ and it ends with all THREE gods;
Hades, Zeus and Poseidon

Be Warned.. Zeus and Poseidon are much stronger than in the previous dungeons.

Chronius is the Secret Boss in the Tartarus dungeon. We do not know what pet he drops.. Yet!

I won this in the battle with Chronius. A lightning bolt staff! WOOT!
You will get so many different kinds of staffs and gears that it's mindblowing.
You'll love it!



The Loremaster is found in the Dragonspyre Library in the Athenium. She drops all craftable spells. PLUS one new spell! It's actually Loremaster's own spell! 

Loremaster Spell: Balance, 4 Pips, 390-479 Balance Spell and - 20% Damage, -35% Accuracy.

She is pretty easy to defeat. All you got to do is go there and you will be able to talk to her and she's instantly open. No quest needed.



You can get new Minions by talking to Halston, the Storm teacher who will send you on a quest to get your own new school minion.

Here's mine!

We will be working on our Crafting Guides for all of the 30, 70, 90 Level Gears next!
Stay Tuned!

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  1. I have a problem I am level 46 and I didn't get the quest why?


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