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How to Save Money For Wizard101 or Pirate101

It's the summer time and you wanna play Pirate101 or Wizard101. But your wallet is empty, so what can you do? Here's a few choices you could do to earn a membership or a crown package. Or even a game card?!



1 - Save your Dimes and Pennies.. Especially QUARTERS!

If you have any change lying around, put it in a Piggy Bank. YES A PIGGY BANK! Or at least some storage box. Empty out your drawers, pockets and weird places you might dump things in. Even under the couch cushions!

My brother had a mug glass filled with dimes, pennies, nickels and even quarters. The more quarters, the better. It actually gave him over $50 per mug. Could be more than that depending how many quarters were in it. Think about it, 4 quarters is a dollar compared to 100 pennies!


2 - Allowance

When receiving your allowance, set aside a few dollars each time for the game only. It's never too early to learn how to budget.



Got tons of soda cans? Recycle them! Yes they add up. And hey you're helping reduce your carbon footprints which in turn helps the planet. Now that's multi-tasking!


4 - Odd Jobs

Yes, you heard it, ODD jobs. Cut the lawn for someone, help people rake up leaves, just small jobs around the neighbor that can fetch you a nice buck or two (or more!) You can even negotiate with your parents about doing odd jobs for them as well.

"Yes mom, I can cut the lawn for a dollar. HEY THAT'S A SWEET DEAL!"

If you save up wisely, you can get a Wizard101/Pirate101 Game Card from any store that is listed on their site. The cheapest is only TEN bucks! It gives you either 5,000 Crowns or 1 month sub.


5 - Set Up A Lemonade Stand ... Or something!

Yes, a lemonade stand. Or you can create t-shirts and sell them. My aunt used to make tye dye shirts and sell them in college. There's oodles of ideas you can do or make on the internet!



1 - Watching for Sales

If you want to purchase a membership or a crown package, just wait for their sale. You can save a lot of money that way. For instance, the Crown Sale can save you TWENTY bucks! Patience pays off very well.



Yes this is MY Friend Code. If you wanna register a new account, you can use my Friend Code ;)

1 - Friend Code

Log into your account at Wizard101.com or Pirate101.com

Click on "Earn Crowns" 

You can earn crowns just by inviting a friend to register a NEW account. You will be given a Friend Code which you can give to your friend which needs to be used when registering for an new account. If your friend is already playing a Pirate101 or Wizard101 game, you cannot get the crowns by inviting them to play. They have to be a new player who's registering a new account.


2 - Official Contests from the Official Fansites and Wizard101/Pirate101

If everything fails, watch the official fansites for both games as well as Wizard101 and Pirate101 themselves. They will be giving away Crowns, cool Items, etc etc that you could try to win which also saves you money! Ten dollars can go pretty far in either game!

TEN DOLLARS = 5,000 Crowns or 1 month sub
I suggest going for the sub, it lasts longer!


3. Grub Guardian

As Rony mentioned, you can win packs, various kinds of potions like the energy potion for example, furniture, so forth. This can help you stretch your crowns or simply have it as an option.


4. Other Methods

Even Greyrose mentioned that most Crown items that can be purchased in the spiral can be acquired by other methods such as crafting, arena tickets or buying with gold.


It is best to be patient and spend your time and money wisely. I know it's hard when you're tempted to buy other things. But commitment is the key to saving money for what you want in the long run. If you're committed enough, you can succeed!

Remember, always consult with your parents before doing anything that I suggested. They know better what you are capable of and what's safe for you.

Got any more ideas how to save or earn money? Post a comment below!

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  1. I have a problem with most of these XD
    1. I do that already, so onto 2.
    2. My parents don't pay me D:
    3. My parents do the recycling.
    4. My parents don't want me to work just so I can waste it on "some stupid game" (As they put it... They're close-minded) And I don't get paid for chores
    5. Ew, too much work for that. :P Plus, it would look silly for a teenager to have a little lemonade stand sitting outside. LOL

    The way I make mine is through contests online - I've made easily over $300 worth off of contests. (Around 140,000 crowns, over 10 crowns only mounts (Including the swift shark!), 2 sun palaces, 20 or so energy elixirs, amaranthine staff (Usually from beckett magazine only), 3 or so one month memberships, easily over 50 won hoard packs, around 40,000 worth of elixirs (grub guardian), and so much more I can't even remember. Ex: Hatching elixirs) Most of this was earned this year :3 Smart ideas though...

    1. At least you found a way that works for you! I applaud you on that. I am merely presenting ideas for others when they think there's NO options. I am hoping to inspire others to be creative. But, Grub Guardian is an great idea though. I should add that to the blog post.

  2. my mom always tells me no because its a waste of money :(

  3. This is great general in-advice to help kids on how to save money or even invest money into purchasing on what really entertains them :)

  4. Epic advice(i can't do allot but I can start) thank you fellas!


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