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New Launcher Backgrounds; Sneak Peek or Not?

Today, the Wizard101 Launcher got revamped with NEW Aquilan like background and new character that we have not even seen in Pirate101. What does this mean? Is this a just a ploy for people to get excited about Pirate101? Or is a new world coming? Is this a clue that we will see Aquila in Wizard101? But really? Aquila? What about Empyrea? That sounds even more possible.

The background banner above is from the Wizard101 TEST REALM launcher. This definitely shows that something new is coming our way!

The Character Pictures below is on the live Wizard101 Game Launcher.

Some of the characters are gods from Pirate101. 

Ares - God of War

Hephaestus - God of Fire, Metalworking, Weapon Making

Athena - Goddess of Wisdom

Hades - God of Death


Then new characters we have not even seen in Pirate101

This one is my favorite character. He looks AWESOME!
Someone remarked that he could be Neptune, the god of sea. Interesting idea!

We do have male centaurs in Pirate101, but not female. This is quite interesting!

So I'm thinking that it is probably a new area or world we will see. I feel that the storyline might will be more about the gods in Empyrea, which probably will be an area of Aquila. I really do not believe that Wizard101 would bring out Aquila in Wizard101 especially when Pirate101 had such a LARGE Aquilan world released already. But Empyrea, probably. I just wonder if it's small side world like Wysteria or a large main world like Azteca. That's the question isn't it? Azteca was released 6 months ago. I got a feeling that it's going to be a small side world. 

I bet Morganthe wants to steal something special of the Greek Gods to be able to be more powerful. Like Johnny said, she still needs her Celestial Choir. So of course they get mad and summon us for help. I mean it's predictable.. I mean SHE is predictable. But then, I wonder she's also working with Ares and Hades? Ares loves fighting and wars while Hades is the god of death and rules Tartarus which is the place where the greek dead to pass on to. We're wizards so we are able to deal with the magic of the gods than pirates can. It makes sense if we are the ones who can come directly into their presence and go to special places that Pirates cannot.

But then it could be entirely separate from the Morganthe storyline. We might see what the gods have in store for us. Also remember, we got 10 more levels to go. So.. Once we hit 100 levels, will the gods give us something new like new spells, new badges, new honor? That's actually pretty exciting to think about! That would be an amazing way to celebrate being Level 100!

And someone mentioned Atlantis being also another world in addition to Empyrea which makes sense. After all the Sea Horse character looks like a sea creature. So are we expecting TWO new worlds like with Pirate101?

My Prediction is a brand new world called Empyrea which will be a part of Aquila.

What do you think?

PS: Don't forget to check out Cret92 aka Merciless Morgrim's trend on #P101 Gods/Goddesses. It's a great reference for the new launcher backgrounds.
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  1. That could be possible but also KI had stated that Celestia was basically Atlantis and the Sea Horse is called a Hypocampi...

  2. I personally don't think the horse thing could possibly Poseidon (good idea though!) because all of the other gods seem to carry their symbols of power, and Poseidon's was a trident, and the guy wasn't carrying one. What if he were a MINION of the Seas? As for Ares and Hades.... interesting idea. I can see Ares but Hades was more of a... rule follower, being a judge of the dead, he had to be fair, so I could see the counter-argument. Good idea though, cause back in ancient times, Hades wasn't exactly goody-two shoes either.

  3. I like the first one best. Looks so cool.

  4. I think that they are just hinting us to a new world possibly Empyrea/Aquila cause it has all these Greco-Roman Gods. Plus they made 2 new efreets to complete the elemental efreet set o more hints to Empyrea which relates to the Sultan's bundle way back. Empyrea=Empire Sultan's Empire huh right? So I truly thing they are hinting to Empyrea FTW!

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  6. I for one think it's pretty cool that they can still make up worlds for wizard 101 while they have pirate 101 on their hands.

  7. nice new characters,i hope the game doesn't end in this world though

  8. My name is Steven ShadowHunter and I love Wizard101!

  9. I hope the new world would be awesome and the spells too :)

  10. I hope for Empyrea to come out :D Thx for posting

  11. I think you're right about it being like an Aquilan sub-world. I don't think it will be too large considering the AZ release...I haven't even finished up there 0_0...and if KI is really stopping at 100 then why rush right into the end? Why not drag it out a little? That's what I'd do :) Great insight and I think you're right :D


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