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Pirate101 Skyway Interview Series: Boochbeard

Pirate101 Skyways Interview Series: Boochbeard

I was able to pass on word to various pirates in pubs all over the place that I wanted to interview Boochbeard. I was glad to get word back that he was willing to sit down and have a chat with me. So off I went to a Tavern and sat down with him. It was a lovely afternoon just shooting the breeze and chatting. Gandry tagged along, but sat in his chair all stony silent, refusing to join in.

1) So why were you named Boochbeard? What does Booch mean? Were you born with a beard?
-*laughs loudly* No, no, I was born beardless. It's when I grew a beard and became a pirate, I was named Boochbeard. As for "Booch", I honestly have no idea why they named me that, but it sounded nice, so I decided to use the name. I mean, why not? *guffaws*

2) How did you become a pirate?
-Oh, like how all of the pirates do. They get tempted by a bit of gold and become one by seizing a ship laden with riches. *guffaws*

3) What dessert do you like?
-Yum Cream Pie! *lips smacking* Now that I could eat every day for every meal!

4) When you're not entertaining others with your interesting personality, where do you go?
-Oh I travel all over the place, trade, find loot and do all sorts of shady things. *chuckles*

5) Tell me, what worlds do you like the best?
-Oh gosh, that's hard to say really. *pulls on his beard slowly* Well, honestly, Skull Island is probably my favorite because it's my homebase! It's where I grew up and learned how to be a pirate!

6) What's your favorite color? Why?
-Color? Hmm, I haven't thought of that. Maybe red? I mean even my jacket is red! It looks quite lovely on me. *chuckles*

7) So I've been hearing reports of you holding late night chats with Catbeard. What are you up to lately? Anything we should know?
-Oh ho ho ho, that's something you shouldn't know. But I guess I can say that it's one of those shady things we pirates do!

8) Where's your ship moored at?
-Oh, here and there. I'm never in one place too long!

9) So do you know anything about El Dorado? Any secrets?
-Ah, not everyone knows much about that place. Not even me. As you know, it's a mythical place. Sometimes I think that it's not even real. But I guess you pirates are set out to prove that it's real though, right? *winks* Well, I wish you all the best with it. It's a hard road to go down on.

10) What do you think of wizards?
-Wizards.. They are such strange people. Magic? I don't understand magic. You don't learn anything by summoning things at the snap of your fingers. I understand hard work and none of that hoodoo! Yes, I turned out fantastic because I did the hard work. You'll learn to appreciate things better that way too! Wizards.. *Shakes head, mutters*

11) I saw you in Cool Ranch, watching Tyson's fights. Where will you be at next?
-Oh I'm not sure where I'm heading to next and if you'll be there next. But yes, I saw you at the Tyson fight. Boy, when you did that uppercut, I was so proud!

12) Where are you from, my glib friend?
-I honestly don't know. Not all pirates have the best beginnings!

13) So do you even have a last name?
-Not a clue! *laughs* Not that pirates needs one anyway!

14) Are you friends with Avery? How did you guys become friends if so? Any interesting stories?
-Friends, ah.. Let's term that loosely. We do know of each other. I'm an independent pirate. And Avery is.. Avery. Let's just say that he needed something and the best person to get it was me!

15) What's your favorite Yum flavor? Mine is grape!
-Mine's cherry! *lips smacks* It's so delicious! Gandry likes banana of course. I don't get that. *shakes head* *shrugs* You know monkeys.

Lastly, is there anything you want other pirates to know?
-Just keep your sails full at all times, you never know when a new adventure pops up! *guffaws*

Next Interviews will be with Merle Ambrose, Avery and more.
So keep an eye out for them to come up soon!

(this is not an actual interview)
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