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Stars of the Spiral Interview Series: Morganthe

Kelsey Fireheart's Interview Series: Morganthe

I sent Morganthe an letter by begging a spider, a source I cannot name for safety reasons, to deliver to her. Imagine my surprise, when a spider crawled into my room carrying a message from her. For some lucky reason, she allowed me to interview her. She felt that it was time to speak to the spiral because she wanted every wizard to know who she is and what she is all about.

1 - So how did you get so experienced at spinning webs?
-Well, I do not spin webs exactly. My precious, lovely pets do under my command of course. It's like music, I direct them and they do what I ask them to.

2 - Why do you like the spider, webs, etc type of theme? What makes it so attractive to you?
-Don't you know that spider web can be turned into silk if properly done? Imagine an ugly, dark creature that everyone hated produced something dangerous, but beautiful? Spider web can be your cocoon grave, but at the same time, be turned into beautiful silk clothes. That just speaks to me. I am a dark creature who can produce something dangerous, but beautiful. Now that's power!

3 - What's the name(s) of your spider pets? They're positively creepy.
-My favorite is Bane. He has this lovely white diamond shape on his belly. He also is quite devoted to me. I nursed him back to health after finding him slightly damaged. Apparently some wizard tried to kill him. Poor thing, he was so traumatized. Once fully healed, he wouldn't leave me. In fact, Bane is my very first spider pet. There's also Webby... He is not.. right in the head. He's an runt spider. His older brothers and sisters would just run over him and made it hard for him to survive. But under my guiding hand, he has flourished!

4 - Who designed your outfit? It's super cute!
-Ah yes, my precious pets have made this outfit for me, their precious queen. Like I said, spider silk is better than gold, it can be turned into precious silk that made this outfit! It's one of a kind too. Not like the... thing... you're wearing.

5 - What do you think of Malistaire? Like really? After all he was the one before you trying to destroy the spiral and failed.
-*scoffs* Compared to me, he was a weakling. Even in the end, he was still a weakling. His wife was able to bring him over to the good side. That man had no commitment to the end, not like me. I will see my commitment to the end one way or another.

6 - How do you think up those plans to destroy us?
-Why, all I have to do is imagine and it comes true. In hazy dreams, I see it all planned out and I make sure that my dreams comes true. I will not fail!

7 - So tell us about you. What are your passions and dreams?
-Revenge fuels my passion. And my dreams are of destroying everything that Merle Ambrose loved... EVERYTHING.

8 - What are your hobbies?
Oh I also like to knit. Sometimes I like to make spider silk blankets, they're quite soft and warm actually. Spider silk socks are to die for. Really!

9 - Please help us understand why you destroyed Azteca?
-All good things have to come to an end, dear. It was their time to fade into history and my time to take over history and shine.

10 - What's your favorite world?
-It's hard to say to be honest. I love all dark worlds. The darker, the grubbier they are, the better. Sunken City was pretty nice, Darkmoor even more lovelier, well there're more, but I rather not to give away any secret locations.

11 - Who are your parents? There's no mention of them so far.
-*sigh* They do not matter. My origin is not the most important thing of me. The only thing you need to know is that I rose from the dusty bookshelves of Wizard City and dominated everyone's dreams with fear. *evil cackle* Merle Ambrose will regret ever laying his eyes on me! Homework, lessons.. BAH! He never understood me. The real world is out there!

12 - What made you decide to travel the path you're on right now?
-Darling, that's the kind of stuff that belongs in the past, yes? What is important is what we do today and tomorrow.

13 - How did you conjure up the dead Malistaire?
-My, my you would love to know, don't you? *soft chuckle* No one is allowed to know my secrets. Especially that one. *winks*

14 - Do you really think your plans will succeed?
-Aw, were you hoping for some doubts? I do not have any doubts... at all. All of you will rue the day you met me. I can promise you that.

15 - Any regrets?
-That I didn't start this line of work so much earlier. I didn't realize how satisfying it feels to watch Merle Ambrose and his precious wizards fail at every turn.

Lastly, where's your next stop on your journey after Azteca?
-Would you like to know? Yes I think you do. But *evil cackles* you will find out eventually! I do love surprises, don't you?

Next Interviews will be with Merle Ambrose, Avery and more.
So keep an eye out for them to come up soon!

(this is not an actual interview)

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  1. This is exactly how I would picture the interview with her, i cant wait for next one! Awesome job Kelsey! Props :D


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