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Islander's Hoard Pack

I think I almost got everything. Let me know if I missed anything.
Anything marked in New* means they are brand new items never seen before in-game!

Permanent Mount

Ancient Koi (Retired Mount)
Manta Ray (Retired Mount)

Tiki Waverunner*

Thanks Timothy Titan for letting me take a picture of his Brand New Tiki Waverunner Mount! Surf's up!

Temporary Mounts

7 Days Hippogriff Temporary Mount
7 Days Manta Ray Temporary Mount
7 Days Ancient Koi Temporary Mount


Boiled Peanuts
Fish On A Vine
Key Limes


Spider Silk
Cat Tail
Fish Fin


Tiki Kahuna*

Lava Spider
Sun Bird
Pink Jellyfish
Magma Spider
Frosty Fish

Pet Snacks

Kalua Kebab, Rank 8, Balance, 3 Will, 6 Agility, 2 Intellect, 9 Strength*
Foamy Lomi Salmon, Rank 8, Storm, 5 Will, 2 Agility, 5 Intellect, 3 Power, 1 Strength*
Huli-Hula Chicken, Rank 8, Death, 2 Will, 8 Agility, 1 Will, 4 Strength*
Kahuna Tuna, Rank 8, Balance, 5 Will, 5 agility, 5 Intellect, 5 Power, 5 Strength*
Flowering Pineapple, Rank 8, Storm, 7 Agility, 15 Power, 8 Strength
Crab Knight Cakes, Rank 8, Fire, 5 Will, 5 Agility, 5 Intellect, 5 Power, 5 Strength
Crab Apples, Rank 8, Death, 1 Will, +10 Agility, +10 Power, +4 Strength

Papaya, Rank 7, Life, 3 Will, 5 Intellect*
Luau Pizza, Rank 7, Fire, 8 Will, 2 Agility, 4 Intellect, 2 Strength*
Asparagus Spears, Rank 7, Balance, 10 Will, 5 Power

Salty Fish, Rank 6, Ice, 1 Will, 2 Agility, 1 Intellect, 4 Strength*
Big Papa Paya, Rank 6, Storm, 3 Agility, 6 Intellect*
Winged Bean, Rank 6, Myth, 3 Agility, 4 Strength*
Tiki Tea, Rank 6, Fire, 1 Will, 1 Agility, 1 Intellect, 3 Power, 1 Strength*
Lava Guava, Rank 6, Fire, 4 Will, 3 Intellect*
Iced Crab Claws, Rank 6, Ice, 6 Agility, 3 Strength*
Poi Pudding, Rank 6, Ice, 1 Will, 5 Agility, 2 Strength*
Guava, Rank 6, Storm, 2 Agility, 5 Intellect*
Wiki Peas, Rank 6, Life, 3 Intellect, 5 Strength*

Loco Nut, Rank 5, Death, 4 Intellect, 2 Power*
Candlenut, Rank 5, Myth, 2 Agility, 4 Power*
Pineapple Spears, Rank 5, Life, 3 Will, 3 Agility*
Candlenut, Rank 5, Myth, 2 Agility, 4 Power*

Tiki Banana, Rank 4, Fire, 3 Will, 1 Agility
Large Fish, Rank 4, Life, 1 Intellect, 3 Power
Medium Fish, Rank 4, Life, 1 Agility, 3 3 Intellect
Sandy Corn, Rank 4, Balance, 2 Will, 2 Strength

Sweet Pineapple, Rank 1, Balance, 1 Agility

House Furniture

Curving Palm Tree*
Outrigger Canoe*
Outrigger Paddles*
Fish Drying Rack*
Large Shell*
Shark Hut
Potted Palm
Spiral Crab Table
Clam Chair
Fish Basket
Leaning Palm Tree
Bushy Palm Tree
Tall Palm Tree
Broken Palm Tree
Azteca Palm Tree
Water-Mole Torch
Palm Shrub
Pile of Sand
Water-Mole Spear
Brain Coral
Water-Mole Mask Rack
Water-Mole Weapon Rack
Tall Tiki Totem
Short Tiki Totem
Skinny Tiki Totem
Water Pump
Shell Shield
Water-Mole Tribal Shield
Water-Mole Shield
Crab Lean-To
Coconut Drink
Crab Lamp
Cephalopod Statue
Spread Tube Coral
Tube Coral
Palm Fronds
Diving Helmet
Diving Tanks
Diving Gear Rack
Campfire with Fish
Giant Crab
Water-Mole Bowl
Tiki Torch
Crab Chimney
Water Mole Table
Small Fern
Coral Crab Lamp
Lava Bulb
Water-Mole Statue
Water-Mole Plate
Cephalopod Obelisk
Water-Mole Spear
Potted Palm
Crab Claw Statue
Wall Starfish

Treasure Cards

Skeletal Pirate, 5 Pips, Death, 500-580 Death Attack
Minotaur, 5 Pips, Myth, 50 Myth Attack and 520 Myth Attack
Legend Shield, 0 Pips, Life, Death and Myth Shield, -75% to Next Death and Myth Attack Spell
Spirit Spear, 1 Pip, Balance, +9% Piercing to Next Death, Myth, Life Attack Spell
Elemental Spear, 1 Pip, Balance, +9% Piercing to Next Fire, Storm, Ice Attack Spell
Tower Shield, 0 Pip, Ice, -55% to Next Damage or Draining Spell
Thermic Shield, 0 Pip, Storm, -75% to Next Ice and Fire Attack Spell
Glacial Shield, 0 Pip, Fire, -75% to Next Storm and Ice Damage Spell
Volcanic Shield, 0 Pip, Ice, -75% to Next Storm and Fire Damage Spell
Ether Shield, 0 Pip, Myth, -75% to Next Life and Death Attack Spell
Dream Shield, 0 Pip, Death, -75% to Next Life and Myth Attack Spell
Keen Eyes, 0 Pip, Balance, +10% Accuracy to 1 Spell
Accurate, 0 Pip, Balance, +15% Accuracy to 1 Spell
Sniper, 0 Pip, Balance, +20 Accuracy to 1 Spell
Unstoppable, 0 Pip, Sun, +30% Accuracy and +15% Piercing to 1 Spell
Extraordinary, 0 Pip, Sun, +35% Accuracy and +20% Piercing to 1 Spell
Sandstorm, 4 Pip, Balance, 295-335 Balance Attack to All Enemies
Cloak, 0 Pip, Sun, Cloak a Shield or Charm
Strong, 0 Pip, Myth, +100 Damage to 1 Spell
Giant, Myth, +125 Damage to 1 Spell
Monstrous, Myth, +175 Damage to 1 Spell
Gargantuan, 0 Pip, Sun, +250 Damage to 1 Spell
Colossal, 0 Pip, Sun, +300 Damage to 1 Spell
Regenerate, 5 Pip, Life, 225 + 1100 Health over 3 Rounds


All are brand new gears never seen before!

Thanks to Timothy Titan for providing all of the gear sets' stats





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  1. Thank you for the guide. It will be very helpful as I am purchasing this pack.


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