Saturday, August 10, 2013

House Showcase: Cody Raventhorn's Secret Garden

I ported to Cody Raventhorn a couple nights ago and I got a neat surprise! As I remarked how amazing the new area he made was, I knew right away I had to show others as well!

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I love Life or I love Plants? Maybe it's both?!
Cody is a Life, but then this place is full of plants!

The beginning of Cody's Secret Garden! The ports I believe leads back to the house and how clever to put them inside of a House furniture.

This whole amazing thing is set up in the air at a Death school house!

Poor Pig stuck in the air like he could fall at anytime. :(

Wishing well! What do you wish for? I wish for a new world! I so love how he placed the Chinese Lanterns. It feels very summery in here along with flowers on the ground.

So love this, its so peaceful and homey.

Ooh what do I spy over that bridge?!

Ranked PvP Kiosk! How neat!

Cody sure loves to collect PvP Awards

What a neat hideaway for the Winterbane gauntlet. I so love the way he created that arch with the hedge rows.

 Ooh I love the way this looks especially with the moon above.

Hope you enjoyed the tour of Cody's Secret Garden!

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  1. Woah, this is AMAZING! Awesome garden, now i have the idea to make one :)


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