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New Pet Updates from Lydia Greyrose

There are new pet updates that is coming regarding pets with multiple cards as they mature. The Wizard101 Community Manager, Lydia Greyrose, has remarked in this trend that...

"There are currently 8 pets that get different cards as they mature.

  • Babydactyl (Gives 1 Stormblade at Baby/Teen, Storm Beetle at Adult/Ancient and Storman at Epic/Mega)
  • Stegosaurus (Gives 1 Stun at Baby/Teen, Myth Banshee at Adult/Ancient, Legendary Treant at Epic/Mega)
  • Velociraptor (Gives 1 Fire Trap at Baby/Teen, Fuel at Adult/Ancient, Fire Beetle at Epic/Mega)
  • Therizinosaurus (Gives 1 Elemental Trap at Baby/Teen, Spectral Blast at Adult/Ancient, Lernaean Hydra at Epic/Mega)
  • Leaf Foot (Gives 1 Guiding Light at Baby/Teen, Brilliant Light at Adult/Ancient, Sanctuary at Epic/Mega)
  • Frilled Lizard (Gives 1 Tower Shield at Baby/Teen, Ice Armor at Adult/Ancient, Frost Armor at Epic/Mega)
  • Penumbra Drake (Gives 1 Death Trap at Baby/Teen, Death Scarab at Adult/Ancient, Red Ghost at Epic/Mega)
  • Harpy (Gives 1 Spirit Trap at Baby/Teen, Spirit Blast at Adult/Ancient, Lycian Chimera at Epic/Mega)
We understand that this is not the expected nor the desired behavior, and in the future we will be changing these pets so that they grant all three spells as the pet matures instead of replacing the spells as the pet matures."

Have you noticed that the pets in the list are mostly dinosaurs?! :O

Here's my questions:

-Do you want them to update the other pets who has only 1 card to have additional cards? 
My opinion: No. They are fine just as is. If we change them, it will create more problems. They're lovely the way they are.

-What will happen to them? Will they go the way of the dodo bird?
My opinion: I think they will still be used, but maybe less frequently? I know that I adore my very Icy Cat and I am not abandoning it for a pet with three cards unless it's NECESSARY. After all, the more cards you can get, the more options you get. But then, do you really need more cards if your deck is full? The more cards, the harder it is to find specific cards that you need. It all depends on how the player plays.

-Do you like the idea of pets having three cards?
I think it's cool! The way they were prior would force you to stay at a pet's level if you really liked that card instead of cards at Mega which made the pet undesirable. After all, if you can't level up the pet, you get less talents to use. This new update will make the pets more useful!

-Do you want more pets with three cards?
Why not? It'd be an interesting change. But why just 3? They should introduce more pets with 2 cards, 4 cards, even 5 cards just to mix it up!

Post a comment about what you think of the new pet update that is coming!

New Pet Updates from Lydia Greyrose New Pet Updates from Lydia Greyrose Reviewed by The Fabulous K on Friday, September 06, 2013 Rating: 5


  1. I will love this update, for some people the more cards can cause problems (like someone mentioned on WizCentral, I think, the more cards cause problem at farming Halffang/and others/ because it puts more spells in deck while most use like 5-6 spells in deck /I don't really see the problem since if want faster you don't even need a pet LOL/) but for others /including me/ it's amazing since I love Spirit Blast and I don't feel like using max Ancient pet because of the spell since don't have the talents I want, so it's an awesome update in my opinion :)!

  2. That's an excellent point. Have not thought of that. Excellent comment Terri!

  3. Simple to just use a blade pet when farming, rather than a three card pet.


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