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Stars of the Spiral Interview With Avery


This is not an actual interview. But it's an interview that I imagined if it did actually happen. Hope you thought the same way!

What's your full name?

Captain Horace Avery... (Me: Horace, really?) What? Yes, Horace.. No, I'm not kidding..

What's your pet parrot's name?

Errm, Parrot? What, he's a cockatoo? Eh, Parrot sounds better.

Where are you originally from?

Oh, I do not recall that.

Your favorite color?



Cherry cheesecake, surprisingly enough.

So why did you become a pirate?

Why, it's the best occupation out there. How else do you become rich?! You can be your own boss! You can go wherever you want and when you want to!

Why aren't you sailing out there?

I have my eye on the bigger prize. *winks*

How did you become the boss of this place?

Oh, why do you want to know?... Ye aren't trying to take over, aren't you?... (Me: Oh no no, I'm just asking questions.. I'm not.. trying to do.. anything.. I SWEAR!) Oh.. okay... Very well, but I'll keep an eye on you. Well, I won this island from the Marleybonian governor in a bet. Ahaha, he really didn't think that I would win! I tricked him good.

What do you do from day to day?

Oh, you won't believe this, but I got piles of paperwork and planning to do. *sighs dramatically* It's quite a brute of work to do.

How do you get from being bored sitting in here all of the time?

Bah, I'm always busy. Look at all of those new pirates in my office.. *looks around, gestures to the new pirates, shakes his head* So many people, so little time. I barely get enough sleep. *yawns*

How do you get all of the stuff here from distant worlds? *gestures to the furniture*

They were mostly gifts and exchanges. (Me: *raises eyebrow*) Don't give me that look, pirate. You know, I am quite pleased with my souvenirs. I rather like the Valencia ones. They're quite valuable now since the Armada has been destroying their precious things. The rarer, the better!

What do you think of the Armada?

Oh they're little pests off the old dog. So annoying. If they disrupt my trade and spy network.. Oh errm, you didn't hear that bit by the way..

What do you think of us pirates?

Eh, you all are alright... *shrugs*.. We'll shall see.. *smiles with a gleam in his eyes*

Why did you double cross us with the raft?

*laughs* You got to admit.. That's pretty funny... *winks* That's the first rule of the trade that all new pirates learn.. Read between the lines. ALWAYS.

How many shady deals you got hidden away?

Why you ask? *squints his eyes* (Me: Oh no I'm not trying to do anything.. Just curious here.. I SWEAR!) Well, let's just say, I got quite a bit.. After all that's what Pirates do.. *raises an eyebrow* (Me: What?!)

Do you know anything about our parents?

*chuckles* You would like to know, don't you? *brushes lint off his coat*

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