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Stars of the Spiral Interview with Merle Ambrose


This is not an actual interview. But it's an interview that I imagined if it did actually happen. Hope you thought the same way!

What's your full name, professor?

Headmaster Merle Ambrose of course.

Where are you originally from?

Oh, Avalon. How I miss it there. The fond memories I do have of that place! I'm quite happy that you wizards were able to help King Artorius. He's quite a good fellow.

So what went wrong with Morganthe?

She was such a troubled child. It was quite difficult to understand her and find a way to help her. It's quite a sad thing to watch. I still don't understand her today.

Why did you build Wizard City?

Because of a dream, my dear Wizard. I had a dream of building Wizard City and when I woke up, I knew that I had to do it! It was a sign that it was a part of my greater destiny. Besides after Morganthe, there was nothing left for me in Avalon. *smiles sadly*

I hate to ask you, but how old are you? It just seems like you've been around forever!

*laughs heartily* Forever, my dear Wizard, is impossible. But yes, I'm quite a ways into my advanced years. I rather not say of course my exact age. But I do feel quite young at heart. That's what really matters, right?

So how did you and Gamma meet?

Oh dear, that's quite a story that I don't really remember. It has been ages! But you know, we've known each other for so long. She is a great friend to me throughout the years. I would not ask for a finer friend than Gamma!
What happened to the vegetables in Haunted Cave?

My, I don't know. It's quite a mystery! I hope you find out the answer soon! We're still trying to get that gate to work. Blasted fog isn't helping too! *sighs*

When do you think we will go to the next world?

I do not know. Once we find a clue or a key, I'll let you know right away of course. But so far, my crystal ball remains cloudy. We must wait and be patient. All things comes in the right time.

So what do you think of your Wizard students so far?

Poseidon's beard, you wizards are doing amazingly! I'm quite very, very proud of you all. But, your work is not finished. No, no, the darkness is coming and soon we must turn on our brightest lights to chase it away, otherwise the spiral is doomed!

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