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World Rhino Day: Let's Unite To Help Them!

The above banner was made by the amazing Frost Caller!

Rhinos are being hunted for their precious horns which gives a "medicinal" value. But horns are made from the same stuff that makes your fingernail and hair. It offers no medical cure for anything. Unfortunately, poachers want to cash in on this, which is a big problem right now.

There's FIVE Rhino Species:
Javan Rhino - There are less than 50 Javan Rhinos. The Vietnamese and Indian Javan are extinct.
Sumatran Rhino - There are less than 200 Rhinos. Their habitat is being destroyed because farmers are using it to produce and sell palm oil.
Black Rhino - There are 4,860 left. The West African Rhino subspecies became extinct in 2006.
Indian/One-Horned Rhino - There are about 3,000 left. 
White Rhino - There are only SEVEN Northern White Rhinos left. The Southern White Rhino are about 20,000, thanks to conservation efforts.

Interesting Rhino Facts:
-The word, Rhinoceros came from "Rhinoceros bicornis", which was created in 1758 by Carolus Linnaeus. 
-Rhinos have existed on Earth for 50 Million Years!
-There are 5 Rhino species which are also divided into 11 sub-species.
-The Greater One-Horned Rhino can reach 6.5 Feet Tall!
-The Sumatran Rhino, the smallest Rhino Species, can reach 3-5 Feet Tall.
-Their thick-layered skin protects them from thorns and sharp grasses.
-They have poor eyesight and rely more on their hearing and smell.
-Black Rhinos have hook lipped mouths while the White Rhinos have square lipped mouths.
-Black Rhinos are solitary by nature, but White Rhinos like being in groups. Although the males from each species are solitary.
-A group or a herd is called a "Crash."
-Rhinos are actually very intelligent, they can be trained by their keepers using clickers and treats!
-Rhino horns are made of Keratin like hair and fingernails.
-By training, Rhinos can learn how to paint and play fetch!
-Rhinos are FAST, they can run up to 30 Miles Per Hour!
-They can handle hot climates, but they do need access to a mud wallow to protect their skin from sunburn and bugs.
-They have three toes on each foot.
-They can be quite active. The Black Rhinos like to run and exercise a lot.
-They can't handle deep water because they can't swim.
-Rhinos use poop to communicate with other Rhinos. (Go Figure!)
-The Front Horn can reach up to FOUR feet long!
-The entire Rhino Population has been decreased by 90% since 1970 due to poaching.
-Rhinos are a huge benefit to the environment. They crash through the forest and make paths for other animals. Their poop helps the soil with nutrients and seeds that can germinate in its own ready-made pile of fertilizer. They dig wallows which helps other animals like frogs and bugs. 
-African Rhino Species: Black Rhino and White Rhino.
-Asian Rhino Species: Greater One-Horned Rhino (Indian) Rhino, Sumatran Rhino, Javan Rhino.

-Donate to reputable organizations like Save The Rhino. Heck you can even fundraise to donate money to the organizations. Be careful of scam artists who are fraudulently raising money for Rhinos.

The below are the reputable organizations:

-Spread the Word about Saving Rhinos. The more people we reach and educate can do wonders! Write blog posts, make art, post about this on your social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, anywhere!
-You can follow and like the reputable Rhino organizations' Facebook page and Twitter page.
-And of course, don't buy any medicine that is made from Rhino Horn!

Tomorrow, Saturday the 22nd will be World Rhino Day. So let's use our Rhino Mounts ALL DAY in-game to support this cause! If you don't have a Rhino Mount, use an African themed mount such as Jaguar, Lioness, Lion, etc. You could do the same with your pets and outfit.


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  1. Wow... I didn't know rhinos were that endangered, thanks for putting this up to spread to word. Are there conservation projects on the Northern White Rhinos, because only seven left is scary.

  2. I know right?! I am wondering the same. That's just crazy!


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