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Game Cards: Is It Worth It Or Not?

Okay so, yep this is gonna be all about game cards. 

I was chatting with a dear friend, Timothy Titan, about game cards. I remember back in 2010, I was so excited to go to the local Rite-Aid and get a Wizard101 game card so I could get a Defender Pig. I would run around so proud and thinking I was the ultimate wizard with my little pig at my side.

I always wanted to collect all of the game cards until I realized that some pets weren't that useful. And then pet pavilion came along and allowed me to be able to hatch for those useful game card pets which saved me money. That just made my interest wane even more.

But then eventually, I started realizing that the game card pets were boring because they all looked alike, wasn't all useful and they were easily obtained through hatching.

Then Pirate101 came along with its own new set of game card pets. I was confronted with a dilemma. Should I really care or not? Now let me be brutally honest here. I don't. They all look alike and not all of them are useful. The only reason I get those game card pets is for research and to hatch with others to help them complete their collection. Now with the pet pavilion, it has now become even more easier to get a game card pet if I need it, so there's no rush for me to scramble and try to get all of them.

It's like if McDonalds send out a set of toys that looks exactly the same but has the same card in their Happy Meals. People won't rush out for it. But if the set of toys were ALL unique, then yes that's something you would want to get to complete a collection. The cards it came with would not matter as much as the actual toy. The fact of the matter is that you can easily buy crowns online, so going in the store to get crowns should benefit you even more or even motivate you to do it.

So I was thinking of how to keep the game card pets interesting even after the initial SQUEE is over. I think that all game card pets should have its own unique look. Personally, I love pets for its looks more than talents, powers or cards. Having 5 sets of a pet that looks exactly the same except it has its own talent/power/card. Eh. Even if the pets had an useful talent/power, it would be transferred to a better looking pet and then the original game card pet would be forgotten.

Imagine all game cards had its own unique weapon, you would want to get all of them, right? That should apply to pets as well. They should have their own cool special animations too. Especially when Pirate101 is introducing a new line of game card pets with new names. Confetti Dragon for Pirate101, for example, I was hoping this pet would randomly throw confetti, but alas it doesn't. What if the game card pets had their own animations? That would be cool esp if the pets have a theme.

So my opinion is, to update the pet's looks so they have their own special look and animation perhaps. They also should be sold online. I mean I don't want to schlep to countless stores just to try to get a pet that looks like the others. I would hatch for it instead or not even buy it.

But what do you guys think? Do you think the game card needs improvement? How?
Post your ideas and thoughts in the comments below. 

Game Cards: Is It Worth It Or Not? Game Cards: Is It Worth It Or Not? Reviewed by The Fabulous K on Saturday, July 12, 2014 Rating: 5

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  1. Ooh are you giving out that card above? Message the code please, lol.
    I agree 100% with this article. The pets don't click with me anyone. I remember my life getting a Viridian Cyclops from a gift card, and I was excited. I hatched with someone who had the pet, and got his. I had never known than you could get it from a hatch?

    (Again, message me the code...I'm begging you.)


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