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Hook, Line, Sinker & Spiral Cup Bundle

With the new gauntlet, we get to teach those pigs another lesson in how to do magic properly! Apparently those snooty pigs think a tad too much of themselves, so we are asked to whip their egos back into shape.

We get to duel the Pigswick student. We end up meeting those three little pigs which had interesting last names. Strawhouse, Stickhouse, Brickhouse. I just wonder where's the wolf huffing and puffing their houses down? Now this was my most favorite pop culture reference really. There's more funny references like this in the gauntlet, but you will have to find out on your own.

But one thing you have to think about is... Is this a clue that we will see a Wysteria expansion in the future? Is it even possible? 

In this amazing gauntlet, you can get your own Pigswick school gear as drops! Yep, you heard it! Not only that, you can get new pets dropped as well, such as the Purple Spider, the Rude Goblin and the Dill Piggle. You do get dropped pets that are already available such as Silverback Wildclaw, Mustard Troll, etc..

This bundle comes with an incredibly adorable Pegasus Pony pet, an amazing Tanglewood Vine mount and cool gears of course that comes with a Wand book.

And if you notice, Tamworth Brickhouse mentions "Next Tournament." Don't think that we won't see them again because I am betting that we will or I'll huff and puff and blow your house down.

PS: A Dead Dragon for a Death School teacher? Oh I wish!!!! 

To read more about what this bundle contains, go to:

Fishing has come to the Spiral of Wizard101! Lucky Hookline has arrived in the Commons to teach us a thing or two about how to reel in a Whopper!

This is great for the causal gamer who isn't rushing to do gardens or pet training. You can take all of the time in the world to catch a fish. Just remember, fishing uses the same energy as gardening and pet training.

I just hope that they will balance it a bit better for the serious gamer who doesn't like being stopped on their fishing quest because the energy potion ran out or for those who want to focus solely on fishing. It also will be slow going for crafters who will need fish for their crafting recipes, especially when you can't trade fish in shared bank.

Hey, a serious fisherperson knows that when it's on, it's SO ON. Everything is out of the window. The only thing you can think of is getting them all! Time to finish another collection! BOOYA!

You can reel in 47 different fishes which is awesome! Some are super hard to get, some are super easy. If you're bored from doing the gardens, raising a pet, questing or even pvping, you can simply instead work on completing your fish collection!

You can work on setting up your own aquariums to put your fish collection in. You can buy three sets for 750 crowns each. It comes with one Long, Tall and Standard Tanks per purchase.

Now, there are 
39 Fishes that can fit in Standard Aquariums
4 Fishes that can fit in Long Aquariums
4 Fishes that can fit in Tall Aquariums

If you want aquariums for the ENTIRE fish collection that is available, it will cost you 29,250 crowns. Yep, it'll cost you a pretty penny! Just don't forget that you can actually craft the Aquarium tanks from Frode Silverscale in Northguard, Grizzleheim. This way you can save on crowns, but it'll mean serious fishing since the recipes now include fishes.

Now, go and get your gear and bait ready! Soon we will find out who is a true fisherperson.

To read more about how to fish and also to view the Aquarium recipes, go to:

To see what fish there is available that you can catch:

Hook, Line, Sinker & Spiral Cup Bundle Hook, Line, Sinker & Spiral Cup Bundle Reviewed by The Fabulous K on Wednesday, July 09, 2014 Rating: 5


  1. Nicely written with delightful attitude. I love it. :D

  2. I hope I'll be able to get the spiral cup for my house. It sounds cool

  3. Wysteria is one of my favorite worlds. After I had won the spiral cup the first time, I wanted to go back and face the challengers again, but it doesn't allow it. Now my favorite world has its own gauntlet along with an awesome mount and pet! I wish I could afford to buy one!

  4. Yea it is definitely extremely cool!

  5. Hopefully you can win one someday!


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