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Exclusive Sneak Peeks from Wizard101!

Wizard101 Test Realm is coming soon with new stuff. We don't know if it's an expansion, new world, new dungeons. All we know that it's gonna be awesome!!

Thank you Wizard101 for allowing Stars of the Spiral to have the exclusive sneak peeks! Please do not forget to click on pictures to enlarge for easy viewing.

The file name for this is Knight. :O

The file name for this is Gargoyle Guard

The file name for this is Boar Boss. Whoever it is, he looks super rad! Notice the symbol on his gear, definitely very mooshu-ish?

What a cool yet creepy building. What could this be? Some people wonder if it's the house in the Evergreen Bundle. But why would they send us a spoiler of that? That wouldn't make sense. The file name for this is Temple. Hmm, what temple?

The above picture was released on Wizard101's Twitter. This looks like a Marleybone Palace, perhaps the Barkingham Palace? I mean the throne does give it away!

This looks like it's in Darkmoor. Notice the gargoyles and the creepy design of the building?

Also check out Wizard101's vines which has a few cool teasers too!

What a beautiful kitty. Again she looks like she's in a Marleybone building. Prehaps the palace? Notice the cool new wallpaper and statue next to her.

I adore that blimp and the building looks awesome. I love the way they look so polished and designed to be very very pretty. I'm a girl after all. Don't forget to notice the sigils in the front of the building. And of course, a brand new dance emote, Wizard101 called it #OppaWizardStyle!

This one takes in Grizzleheim's Ravenscar obviously which is not a new area. But she's showing off a brand new dance emote, the Raven. I suspect that it's called the Raven dance since Wizard101 even titled this vine "Hit That Raven for the Vine!"

So what do you think it could be?! Let us know your theories!

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  1. The Mystic Fishing Bundle is available at Walmart. The Evergreen Bundle is coming soon to the GameStop stores, so keep your eyes peeled. :)


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