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Extra Life Fundraiser from Wizard101!

Wizard101 has been asking people to create their fundraiser on Extra Life to support charities. If you join the KI Gamers team and raise $100, you could get a surprise bundle from Wizard101! Come and join today!

If you want to donate to my fundraiser, which supports the North Shore LIJ Cohen Children's Medical Center in New Hyde Park, New York, please donate HERE. $1, $5, $20, etc would be appreciated!

Please remember, if you want that surprise bundle, you must join the Extra Life and be on the KI Gamers then raise $100 to get the bundle. However, the surprise bundle is NOT exclusive to the event, meaning that after this charity event is over, you could possibly be able to buy it afterwards from Wizard101 at a possibly cheaper price. However if you raise $100 with Extra Life with donations from others, it's like getting the bundle for free. And hey, in the process, you are helping a charity! Think about it!

Extra Life Fundraiser from Wizard101! Extra Life Fundraiser from Wizard101! Reviewed by The Fabulous K on Thursday, October 02, 2014 Rating: 5

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