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Introducing My Mini-Me!

Thanks to ShapeIt, I was able to win this marvelous figure from them which is actually based off the Kelsey Fireheart character I use frequently in-game of Wizard101. ShapeIt specializes in making figurines based off your game character. First, they printed my character in 3d from the photos I gave them of her. Then they would paint it matching the photos as well. They did a great job! They weren't able to create the flame, but eh that's alright. The rest of her is perfect! It's about 4 inches tall and gosh, isn't she cute? I can't stop staring at it and telling it that it's just too adorable for words. I know I'm talking to myself, but who cares? It's my mini-me!

The original picture I sent them.

I'm quite proud to have this amazing opportunity to own this figure. I sure hope that someday it will be priced quite reasonably that everyone can have their own mini figure based off their game character! I mean, who wouldn't want to own their own mini-me?! Thank you, ShapeIt!

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