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A Team Oblivion Interview By Proxy


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Trevor Rubycoin has been playing Wizard101 for years and has become known for managing the PvP team dubbed "Oblivion".

He has managed several "Woogoolicious Tournaments" and his Youtube Channel has amassed over 1000+ subscribers.

We decided to sit down with him and ask a few questions regarding the new updates and the state of PvP itself. Hope you guys enjoy :)

Being that you specialize in high level pvp, what are your thoughts on the current state of it?
A: High level has lost its state of creativity. Always using the same methods (Critical dependence, spams, etc.), I do see signs of personal skill/creativity which makes PvP a good challenge. Shadow Magic makes the playing field very interesting.

What changes do you think would help improve the pvp experience for the players? 
A: I'd say match their Rank in PvP, also the Win and Loss ratio should be looked in as well to even the playing field, and for schools to serve their purpose pf their position. (Example: Storm high damage and lack of defensive and accuracy, Ice lack of damage, but high in defence. )

Since you are a Youtuber, what are your thoughts on Kingsisle releasing a statement about Youtubers not being able to monetize their videos and make money off of their content?

A: I use my youtube just for entertainment. I use my time to show the public how the game is like! Especially the PvP community. I do not believe to monetize my videos.

Okay, so lately I think we can all agree 4v4 is a little bit dry. No one is really doing it. What do you think Kingsisle could do to bring 4v4 back to the arena?

A: Bring back creativity to the arena! Make spells not just for PVE purposes, allow them to be used for PvP purposes also. Even the playing field and let players use those to create more counters, skills, and tactics!

I'm curious, what are your thoughts on the new updates to the game that just arrived such as the new spells and the new dungeon?

A: I am looking forward to the new updates! I have seen what the new spells can do and I believe it will make the Arena a little more interesting.

Which school in your opinion is the most OP and how do you think Kingsisle could balance it a bit more?
A: I believe Ice is the most OP school. Not only because of the resist, just because the purpose of the schools does not apply anymore. They are having more offensive spells as well stats can match the offensive stats of a Storm and still have the defensive stats of Ice.

Alright so new spells that came with Darkmoor. What are your thoughts on it? Too OP or underpowered?
A: I believe it stands as where it is because it does require a shadowpip and a certain number of pips. The one thing I do have a complaint is the amount of regular pips needed. Some spells may be a bit contraversal, but I think it is a good addition to the game.

Team Oblivion has been around for a long time. What inspired you to create your team and continue posting videos on your channel?

A: I was inspired to create the team because of Team Perfect Catch. They are my friends and Role models, they have shown me how the Arena is on the positive side. Creating the team is not just for fun, we would like to show the community how it is to have a Challenge in the PvP arena as well as good sportsmanship conducts.

Nice, so what is the state of team oblivion right now? Are you guys still together or..?

A: Yes! We are still together. We may be absent in the Arena at the moment, but we are planning to come back into PvP very soon. We are making lots of plans.

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Great to hear! So what is the official roster of team oblivion?
A: Trevor Rubycoin (Myth), Morgan Unicorntamer (Life), Andrew Frosthammer (Ice), So far. May recruit soon. 

What is your favorite part of high level pvp?
A: The intensity of how it can be now! Really sparks up the challenge! 

What inspires you as a pvper?

A: My friends! I did not know what PvP was when I first began. Then I was tought and was motivated to keep going! That inspires me to continue! Evolve with the game from the beginning!
Okay lastly, do you have any advice for players wanting to try out PvP?

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A: If you are new to the game and just starting. Starts from level 20 a bit to get some experience! Then when you reach every ten levels try PvPing bit by bit. More experience more you learn. Also watch how others duel. This will see how the Arena is! The intensity and play styles of different players can inspire you how you can PvP with yourself or others. Practice also helps as well, having a good set up, also getting advice from everyone! Do not just keen on one duelist point of view. Recieve others, then process it yourself.


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