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New Pets, Hybrids & Theories in Pirate101

So you're a Morpher? Well, welcome to the Morphers' Club. In this blog post, we will speak about pets and hybrids. And even better, hybrid theories which I bet you're most interested in!

True Hybrids

So far, we have 14 True Hybrids.

I have already excluded 3 since they were Special Morphs which is a pet that produces a new pet with ANY pet. Also I excluded Golden Dragon which is an exception as well. It is definitely a hybrid, but it's the ONLY hybrid that you can get from Game Card pets. Decius has confirmed that NO other game card pets produce a hybrid.

But if we did add them all, it would be 18 Total for both True Hybrids & Special Morphs. But, I want to focus on the True Hybrids for a minute.

So now we know for sure that there are 14 True Hybrids in-game. Decius has mentioned a while ago before the last test that there was still quite a few that was not found. Don't forget that.

Anyway, since the last test was live, Decius remarked that there's now *DOUBLEthe amount of Hybrids in-game.

So Wait, How Many Hybrids Can We Find Now?

Well, we do have at least 14 known True Hybrids, so at least ANOTHER 14 Hybrids left to find.

Since the last test, we have already discovered 3 Hybrids out of possible 14 missing Hybrids. However one of them was a Special Morph. Again, Special Morph means a pet can produce a certain pet with ANY pet. So that's 2 True Hybrids found and 1 Special Morph found.

When you subtract the 2 True Hybrids from the 14 Missing True Hybrids that means that there are 12 True Hybrids left to find! Just add a few for the missing few that we were not able to find before the last test like Decius said.

My Prediction On How Many Hybrids Left To Find:
Approximately 15 True Hybrids.

And MAYBE one more True Hybrid from that Skarakeet?

UPDATE: Decius has confirmed the Skarakeet does NOT have a True Hybrid.

So What Hybrids Did We Find Since Last Update?

Black Market Tarantula x ANY Pet = (plain) Tarantula

Also the Black Market Tarantula does produce yet another True Hybrid, the Lavalanchula, with Fire Toad. This is not a Special Morph, but a regular specific True Hybrid that comes from a specific combination.

Black Market Tarantula x Fire Toad = Lavalanchula

Also the Horned Toad is a new True Hybrid produced from Ram-A-Lam and the plain Frog which is a brand new pet dropped in the last battle of the Ithaca Palace dungeon. 

To see ALL available confirmed Hybrids as well as the Special Morphs, you can simply check out our Pirate101 Hybrid Guide.

About Them Special Morphers....

Now, a special mention about the Special Morphers which are what I call pets that can produce a certain pet when mixed with ANY pet. We have three Special Morphers - Scrakreet, Ostrich and Black Market Tarantula.

Skarakeet produces Skull Island Macaw with any pet.
Ostrich produces (blue) Ostrich with any pet.
Black Market Tarantula produces (plain) Tarantula with any pet.

But, I noticed another pattern with those pets.
Ostrich and Black Market Tarantula produces a SECOND hybrid, a true Hybrid.

Ostrich x Orchid Chameleon = Emusaur.
Black Market Tarantula x Fire Toad = Lavalanchula.

So here's my question - What about the Skarakeet?

Could the Skarakeet produce a SECOND Hybrid like the others? The problem here though is that it's a Beta pet, so not everyone can easily obtain this pet. It was retired even before the live game started. We do not know for sure if they allowed it to produce a second Hybrid. But it's something that we should think about.

UPDATE: Decius has confirmed the Skarakeet does NOT have a True Hybrid.


Now it's down to the brass and tacks. Or Pets and Hybrids for that matter. I'm listing all Pets In-Game just in case you are missing a few. I excluded Game Card pets since Decius confirmed they do NOT produce a Hybrid. But, I also added the Holiday pets since he did mention some of them are now in the mix.

With the new update and the holiday season, we have got more new Pets in the Spiral!

(plain) Frog - Jungle Toad
Iguana - Black Market Tarantula

Holiday Pets - Santa Claws & Ostrich in a Pear Tree

(plain) Frog which is dropped in the last battle of the Ithaca Palace dungeon.
Jungle Toad and Iguana which are found in the Crown Shop.
Santa Claws and Ostrich in a Pear Tree which are the new Holiday Pets found in the Crown Shop.
Black Market Tarantula which is found in the Black Market.

Since the (plain) Frog pet already produced a Hybrid, so I'm sure the others do too. We just need to find them!

* - Already has a True Hybrid and/or Special Morph




Clown Fish*
Thresher Shark*
Hammerhead Shark*
Mini Minotaur*
Lil Labor Golem
Coral Widow
Silver Buffaloon*
Cutie Chameleon
Tropical Sky Snake
Golden Stingtail
Ebon Spectre*
Black Tiger
Mechnical Owl
Stormtiger Shark*


Black Market Tarantula*


Lion Fish
Sabertooth Bunny*


Orchid Chameleon*
Armadillo Verde*
Tawny Sky Turtle*
Inky Octopus*
Ice Scarab*
Coconut Crawlie
Not So Great White Shark*
Violet Bubblefish*
Fire Toad*


Imperial Lion
Celestial Dragon*
White Tailed Jackalope


Santa Claws
Ostrich in a Pear Tree
Candy Cane Dragon
Green Baubleloon
Red Baubleloon
Pink Chocolope
Blue Chocolope
Pink Marshadillow
Yellow Marshadillow
Purple Polkaloon
Batik Eggaloon


Spiny Serpent
Scrimshaw Drake
Deathstalker Scorpion
Heck Kitty
Clockwork Spider*


I have come up with a list of Pirate101 Hybrid Theories. Some of the ideas are not mine. I thank Daft Dylan, Clever Brianna Everett, Calamity Pixieshade and Harmony Everhart for helping me get this list together. If you have any hybrid theories you want to add, just comment away and we will add it as well as credit you.

Candy Cane Dragon x Faunfawn - Christmas Fawn?
Candy Cane Dragon x Imperial Lion - Christmas Lion?
Candy Cane Dragon x Hawk - Turtledove
Candy Cane Dragon x Heck Kitty - Cat in a Hat

Clown Fish x White Tailed Jackalope - Red Nosed Reindeer?
Black Widow Spider x Ostrich in a Pear Tree - Fruit Spider
Golden Stingtail Scorpion x Any Christmas Pet - Christmas Scorpion like the Bah Humbug mount?
Ebon Spectre x Any Christmas Pet - Christmas Spirits (Past, Present, Future)

Santa Claws x Hoggle - Crispy Cringle
Santa Claws x Fandango - Mrs. Claws

Ostrich in a Pear Tree x Tawny Sky Turtle - Turtledove
Ostrich in a Pear Tree x Faunfawn or Jackalope - Flying Reindeer

Fandango x Pink Marshadillow or Pink Chocolope - Pink Flamingo
Pink Marshadillow x Fire Toad - Roasted Marshadillow?
Yellow Marshadillow x Fire Toad - Roasted Marshadillow?
Purple Polkaloon x Fandango - I don't know what this could make but both are dance names. Polka and Tango. I call it a Dancing Fool :P
Green Baubleloon x Ostrich in a Pear Tree
Red Baubleloon x  Ostrich in a Pear Tree
Batik Eggaloon x ?
Pink Chocolope x ?
Blue Chocolope x ?


Decius has given two hints on the Pirate101 Boards.
Hint #2: Skitters Crawls

We think that Hint #1 is a red orange pet that has a hybrid while #Hint 2 is a hint toward a combo. They seem to be separate hints for two different hybrids.

UPDATE: Decius has confirmed VAGUELY that Spiders are in the mix which makes us think that the Coral Widow Spider is a possible mix for Hint #2 Theory.


Clown Fish x Coral Widow Spider or Coconut Crawlie - Who Knows?
Clown Fish x Violet Bubblefish - Who Knows?
Clown Fish x Lion Fish - Circus Lion?
Clown Fish x Sabertooth Bunny - Funny Bunny?


Coral Widow Spider x Cutie Chameleon
Coral Widow Spider  x Orchid Chameleon
Coral Widow Spider x Coconut Crawlie


Imperial Lion x Black Tiger - Fire Lion?
Imperial Lion x Heck Kitty - Fire Lion?

Corrupted Imperial Lion x Black Tiger - Fire Lion?
Corrupted Imperial Lion x Heck Kitty  - Fire Lion?
Corrupted Imperial Lion x Heck Kitty Fire Toad - Fire Lion?
Imperial Lion x Fire Toad - Fire Lion?

Lion Fish x Fire Toad - Fire Lion?
Lion Fish x Corrupted Imperial Lion - Fire Lion?

Lion Fish x Any Pets With Wings - Manticore?
Imperial Lion x Any Pets With Wings - Manticore?
Corrupted Imperial Lion x Any Pets With Wings - Manticore?

Iguana x Crokgator - Frilled Lizard?
Iguana x Spiny Serpent - Frilled Lizard?
Iguana x DinoLizard - Frilled Lizard?
Iguana x Orchid Chameleon - Frilled Lizard?

Lil Labor Golem x Mini Minotaur - Mechanical Bull?
Jungle Toad x Cutie Chameleon - Jungle Chameleon?
Frog x Violet Bubblefish - Tadpole?
Scrimshaw Drake x Any Shark - Skeleton Shark?

Hawk x Tawny Sky Turtle - Turtledove?
Hawk x Fire Toad - Phoenix?
Hawk x Stormtiger - Thunderbird?

Clown Fish x Clockwork Spider - Clockwork Orange?
Fire Toad x Lion Fish or Violet Bubblefish or Clown Fish - Lava Fish?

Black Tiger x Ice Scarab - Snow Tiger?
Black Tiger or Ebon Spectre x Tropical Sky Snake - Black Mamba snake?

If you're ever stumped on what egg you got while hatching, check this Pirate101 Egg Guide out.

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