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So why can't our Wizard101 and Pirate101 badges challenge us? That's my question. I would love challenges in-game that I can activate. It's easy enough making dozens of challenges. Why not also even make new challenges weekly, monthly, yearly? It's not that hard.

I mean yea, you can defeat 250 (icky) undead.. but you would take your sweet time about it right? But if you are challenged, you WILL do it. I know when I am challenged, I'm a lot more motivated. Put a timer on them and I'm ready to go! It's fun and it's something I can do on my own in-game.

So how does it work? You simply can pick ANY challenge you want to do. For example, kill 250 revolting (very very revolting) undead in one week like the badge I created up above. When you are ready to start it, simply click "activate" and the timer'll start. And in a week, if you do actually defeat 250 revolting (and quite stinky) undead, you get to complete it and equip the badge. If you did not, you cannot equip it, but don't fret, it doesn't mean the challenge will disappear. You can activate it once again when you are ready!

Think about it, there can be quite easy badges, average badges, hard badges and .... Hehe, INSANE badges. It could be about ANYTHING. Get to Level 50 in two weeks? Get a certain drop in a week? Collect 1000 Stone Block in a day? Get 50 Fish that are Fire in a hour? Gain 100k Gold in 30 minutes? Yes, I meant anything.

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