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New Pirate101 Hybrids!

New surprises in the Morphing Tent has come with a bang in 2015. Yes, there are more new hybrids in the Pirate101 morphing tent, but some from combinations that you would never have thought of! Let's review the hybrids that have been found since the Christmas hybrids which were found in early January or so.

Easter Hybrids

(yellow) Sundango - Produced from Yellow Marshadillow x Fandango
(pink) Flamango - Produced from Pink Marshadillow x Fandango

New Easter Hybrids? A bit early, but who cares?! I love that both of the hybrids and its avian parent's names all end in "ango." Makes me want to do the tango with a rose in my teeth.

Holy Moly, 3 Hybrids From One Pet?!

Spooktooth - Produced from Sabertooth Bunny x Ebon Spectre

Hmm, Halloween hybrid? I mean "Spook" is almost Halloweeny lol. But again, I love black and white striped print pets. They're so fashionable. They always match your outfit. 

Anyway, this is actually Sabertooth's third Hybrid and Ebon Spectre's second Hybrid. Three Hybrids from a single pet is quite a lot. Fire Toad also has three Hybrids, but I bet there's more pets out there with three hybrids too that we haven't found yet. Celestial Dragon has three too, but one of them is a Game Card hybrid, so I'm not sure if it counts. I'm starting to wonder if there's a pet with Four or may I say it... Five Hybrids? Hmmmmm!

And Blue Ostrich Has A Hybrid?

Blues Crab - Produced from Blue Ostrich x Rock Crab

Surprise, surprise. Blue Ostrich has a hybrid! Wait! A special morph making a Hybrid? Hmm, makes you wonder if the (brown) Tarantula has a Hybrid somewhere.... This is something we should try to find out!

Lastly, Hybrids of Hybrids

Punkfish - Produced from Glowfish x Glowfish
Skyrime Minotaur - Produced from Frostbiter x Mini Minotaur

Now this shows a clear sign that we now should expect to find new Hybrids from Hybrids, even if it's from two exact same parents. Even from two SAME Hybrids!

You see, Frostbiter is ALREADY a Hybrid, so a Skyrime Minotaur is actually a Second Generation Hybrid. We can fully expect to see more Second Generation Hybrids from Hybrids that we already know of.

If that's not mind boggling enough, Punkfish is also a Second Generation Hybrid. But, not only that Punkfish is produced from TWO SAME PARENTS! So what happens if we do say, two Frostbiters or two Hedgehogs together, will they produce a Hybrid? We don't know, but it could be possible! It clearly is since that's how we found Punkfish!

Because of the amazing new twists in how we produce Hybrids, we can't leave a stone not turned when searching for new hybrids. I bet someday we will be talking about finding Hybrids from Third or even Fourth Generation Hybrids. This is something we should keep an eye out for. Good luck, morphers!

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  1. Just wanted to say thanks for the awesome hybrid guide, it has really helped me making hatches.


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