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Brianna's Pirate101 Pet Theories

Clever Brianna Everret is always whispering into my ear about her hybrid theories, so I thought that it was time to make a post listing them all. The Fandango, which was produced from the Pink Marshadillow and Flamango, was actually one of her hybrid theories. So who knows what other theories of hers could be correct?

Cutie Chameleon x Scarab = Love Bug
Spooktooth or Grimtooth x Candy Cane = Sweet Tooth
Pink Chocolope x Blue Chocolope = Cotton Candy-Tailed Lope
Ebon Spectre x Rock Crab = Ghost Crab
Bullrog x Frog = Bullfrog
Not So White Shark x Minotaur = Bullshark
Habenero Tiger Shark x Imperial Lion = Lion Cub
Grimtooth x Stormtiger or Thresher Shark  = Doomtooth
Clocktopus x Hawk = Clockwork Bird
Glowfish or Storm Tiger x Inky Octopus = Jellyfish
Coral Widow x Black Tiger = Black Widow
Ram-A-Lam x Heck Kitty or Black Tiger = Black Sheep
Iguana x Celestial Dragon = Komono Dragon
Frog x Iguana = Gecko
Golden Sky Rattler x Mechanical Owl = Golden Owl
Black Tiger x Jungle Toad = Black Panther
Fire Toad x Fandango = Flameingo
Jungle Toad x Crokagator = Jungle Crokagator
Grimtooth x Mini Minotaur = Death Minotaur aka Grim Minotaur

And with the newest pet in the Crown Shop, the Bunnicorn and its own hybrid theories.

Bunnicorn x Ram-A-Lam = One Horned Ram
Pink or Blue Chocolope x Bunnicorn = Marshmallow Bunny
Bunnicorn x Not So Great White Shark = Narwhal
Bunnicorn or Jackalope x Storm Tiger Shark = Energizer Bunny

Thank you Clever Brianna Everret!

Also if you have some of your own pet theories, please feel free to comment away with your own ideas.

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