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Introducing the Brand New Aztecan Builder Bundle!

This brand new bundle is now available at GameStop for $39.
It comes with its own Arcane House, but with the Azteca look. It also comes with a super cute raptor mount and an unbelievable toucan pet that you will have to have! Of course, as always, it comes with a fantastic new gear and wand along with a shield.


You can't tell me that they aren't cute!!

The house is called Serpentine Escape. It's also an Arcane House, so that means you can tear the houses down and rebuild it into your wildest fantasy! The house even includes beautiful fountains. There are secret rooms and passageways. It's a house that acts like a maze. If you go in, you might not get out. Even a friend said, "This is a house I can easily get lost in!"

As always with each arcane house, there's one outside and one inside that's reachable by going through the waterfall. The looks of the houses are just simply amazing. "Oh look, the doors open and close on their own. So cool!" one remarked.

It even comes with its own meteor that will always be threatening to bulldoze your arcane house.
"Uh-oh," we all said.

This was easily my favorite thing about this house. The amazing symbols here.. Wow, I can easily see this as majorly collectible in-game. I sure hope that they will be craftable. Alexander Lionheart was already at the Bazaar hoping that there was an Ice symbol sold there, so he could have it. That's how bad he wanted it. 

Gary who works at KingsIsle and is one of the people who review and test houses thanked Paige Moonshade and his own daughter for building the Serpentine Escape houses that comes with the Aztecan Arcane Builder bundle. If you loved the houses, it was their own design!

Wizard101 sure did a great job with this bundle!

By the way, while looking at the Toucan't slots, the pet HAS to have something new, don'tcha ya think? Everything is a Ultra or Epic. It has only ONE Rare talent.

The Gear and Wand Look/Stats

Alexander Lionheart was raving about the wand in this bundle. It sounded like it could be super useful! But here are all of the stats so you can decide for yourself.


Introducing the Brand New Aztecan Builder Bundle! Introducing the Brand New Aztecan Builder Bundle! Reviewed by The Fabulous K on Wednesday, May 20, 2015 Rating: 5

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