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Another Wizard101 Sneak Peek!

Yes, Wizard101 has released another sneak peek! Aren't you excited? I know I am!

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The other day, Wizard101 told us to check out their sneak page. Once we arrived and we hovered over the center picture, it looked like it was peeling. As we clicked, it fell away to reveal the above picture.


Okay, it was pretty obvious we'll see Penguins in the upcoming world from the posters. But still... 


It says Fishing.... I bet it'll say "Fishing.... In Polaris" or something like that. Wait, we'll be fishing in Polaris! What kind of fish will we see there? Gosh I can't wait, I'm so excited. Sorry, fishing rawks. I would love an ice cube fish. A fish that is partly stuck in an ice cube. Now that would be hilarious!

A lot of people were upset that they think it's just about fishing. I totally disagree. It will not be only about fishing. I'm positive that there will be regular quests in a main story line. It just says "Fishing ...." because think about it... What does Penguins eat? FISH. So of course they do fish for fish. But it does not mean that the only thing we will see is new areas for fishing. It just means fishing will be one of the activities in the new world. Look at the other worlds, some of them have areas for fishing, but we also quested through them! Don't give up so easily. Stay positive, it will be great! It's just like crafting is an activity we will do. Doesn't mean that we will see areas only for crafting. That's silly!

As for the story line quests, I fully expect a lot of "Happy Feet" references. Umbra even thought of a Polar Bear dance like we acquired the skill to do a Bee dance. But why not a Penguin dance?!

There were dancing penguins in Mary Poppins too. Apparently Penguins really like to dance...

I also think that Penguins will not be the only animal species that we will be seeing there. How about Polar Bears? There was a Polar Bear character in Pirate101. Someone mentioned seals. Now that would be awesome!

I did think, before this sneak peek was revealed, that each poster will be taken down to reveal the final photo. But I had another thought. I hope the very last poster, the one that says "Fishing....", will be taken down as well and behind that, we'll see a porthole with a view of Polaris! I would love to see its buildings! Now that would be epic. Fingers crossed.

You can see the current sneak peek at: https://www.wizard101.com/coming2015
Just don't forget to click on the poster in the front center, so you can make it fall down.

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